Why Post Malone Is So Damn Catchy (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 10, 2018
  • Face tattoos, unkempt hair, and beer-swilling aren’t the typical blueprint for pop stardom. And yet, we still have Post Malone.

    He’s one of the most listened-to and inescapable artists of the moment, and his music has broken commercial performance records previously held by The Beatles and Michael Jackson. But for every Posty fan, there seem to be even more people confounded by the idea that he has fans at all.

    VICE spoke to Berkeley College of Music songwriting professors Kareem Clarke and Brian “Raydar” Ellis to discuss the Post Malone phenomenon. They credited his repetitive rhythms and melodies and strategic song structure as major players in his music’s popularity potential. Another advantage? His average singing voice.

    “You know, it's different from a Beyonce when she sings ‘Love On Top’ you know when she gets to the part where she modulates, in other words she goes from from one key to a higher key to a higher key,” Ellis explained. “When she's doing that, at a certain point the average listener is just not going to be able to follow, like they can't […] For artists like Post or artists like Rihanna, they tend to just work inside a specific, limited range of notes that complement their voice but also complement the average listener.”

    Looking at his music and persona in aggregate, it’s clear Post Malone is the beneficiary of a rare confluence of factors that almost predestine him for mass popularity. The formula is covering all his bases at once.

    His songs are easy for everyone to remember and sing. His music pulls from multiple genres without ever fully committing to one. He’s a pop star and a populist. He does beerbongs and he drives Bentleys.

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  • dylan peritz
    dylan peritz  9 hours ago

    Lotta salt in the air

  • Ricky Connelley
    Ricky Connelley  15 hours ago

    Anyone who attains fame overnight here in U.S. will have a bunch of ppl trying to define why it’s a fluke just so they can feel ok about being unsuccessful. It’s been going on for years. They did it to Robert Johnson saying “He sold his soul” lol. In reality if u have some talent, work really hard, an have a lil bit of luck and timing you can blow up in the music industry.
    Post is just like his music, not one thing great but a mixture of great things..

  • sultown
    sultown  yesterday

    V(ox)ICE News

  • Johl Emtage
    Johl Emtage  2 days ago

    Post Malone just knows what his fans like and sticks to that. He's probably the best artist right now in my opinion and I feel that he receives too much hate. All love to him.

  • gosumonkey
    gosumonkey  2 days ago

    Why does youtube keep putting this trash in my feed?

  • Mike F
    Mike F  3 days ago

    Lol they had to reach and find a way to make this about race... I imagine it’s protocol for a vice video at this point.

  • B4d7ss
    B4d7ss  3 days ago

    He's a white country boy who makes rap music. Not too hard to piece together.

  • Mike D
    Mike D  4 days ago

    Song Writing Professor - like the Dentist that calls himself a Doctor

    NEQXY  4 days ago

    He might not even know he has some formula, he just doing his thing

  • Daniel terentyev
    Daniel terentyev  6 days ago

    garbage race baiting vice back at it again

  • nickcon
    nickcon  6 days ago

    Cool video. Until they threw the race card in for no reason.

  • Bad Hairlines
    Bad Hairlines  6 days ago

    yo imagine actually getting triggered by an opinionated video about a pop artist that happen to bring in race for like 15 seconds😂

  • Tomasz Niezgoda
    Tomasz Niezgoda  6 days ago

    nice, but exhausting editing

  • Rinzler380
    Rinzler380  6 days ago

    He clearly is from the future”

  • Jade S
    Jade S  6 days ago

    you know what is unique though.. stupid ass news channels using someone else's fame and success for a quick buck. This shit is truly original for real, good work fellas

  • Jade S
    Jade S  6 days ago

    Youre trying to say that because his music is reptitive and diatonic its not unique?? Its not just about the notes its what you do with them . Tons of songs stay in key. nobody is saying he's mozart but hes unique, youre all tripping vice.

  • Allan Ren
    Allan Ren  6 days ago

    stay in ur lane vice this is vox's job

  • Allan Ren
    Allan Ren  6 days ago

    did vice literally credits posts succes cuz hes white?

  • J L
    J L  7 days ago

    Cuz his musics good duh

  • The Brown Connor
    The Brown Connor  7 days ago

    people love to be offended. lol
    post is dope af