HIS WORST IDEA YET!! (Don't Attempt This)

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 2, 2018
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    Scott, Todd, and I do a Q&A! In the mean time, David is cooking up the colorful prank on all of us!
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  • Zane Hijazi
    Zane Hijazi  a years ago +4335

    somebody send help, we need milk? must have inhaled too much smoke

  • Daya Ayres
    Daya Ayres  yesterday

    David: you know that if I told you and Zane Scott would of just sat in the room

    Scott: I can’t breath shoulder shrug nice

    Me: Scott is so me half the time😂😂😂😂

  • Erin Mitchell
    Erin Mitchell  yesterday

    Lmao Zane said "omg my juul" I felt that😂😂

  • swe sirupa
    swe sirupa  5 days ago

    6:29 is what u came for ur welcome

  • Lovely
    Lovely  1 months ago


  • Reynaldo Guzman
    Reynaldo Guzman  1 months ago

    Truly Matt Is hanging around the vlog so one day he can make a movie of the volg squad.

  • Josh Corts
    Josh Corts  1 months ago

    The smoke was so thick it looked fake/photoshopped

  • Connie Flores
    Connie Flores  1 months ago

    Why does it look like Zane keeps grabbing his junk???? Come on now....

  • Super Beth
    Super Beth  2 months ago

    Zane - scratches balls 5 times

    Wants to pick Todds teeth

    What, my hands are clean.


    Scratches balls 5000 more times

  • Abe Madriz
    Abe Madriz  2 months ago

    2:12 coughs in foreshadow

  • Gurkeiret Gill
    Gurkeiret Gill  3 months ago

    6:35 low-key looked dope

  • • daiii •
    • daiii •  3 months ago

    6:36 damn that looked edited😂

  • • daiii •
    • daiii •  3 months ago

    I cannot stop looking at that stomach picture on the top left hand corner

  • Vonny Davila
    Vonny Davila  3 months ago

    I saw davids vlog to

  • Tfp lifeistuff
    Tfp lifeistuff  4 months ago

    6:30 is what your coming for i am letting the payments slide

  • ZambieSlayerYT
    ZambieSlayerYT  4 months ago

    6:36 Thanos Fart

  • anastasiya.z
    anastasiya.z  5 months ago +1

    4:18 umm.....todd

  • Cupcake Lover
    Cupcake Lover  5 months ago

    Can someone please explain the tana situation

  • Spark The dragon
    Spark The dragon  5 months ago

    6:26 there we go ur welcome

  • Lynzy Janelle
    Lynzy Janelle  5 months ago +3

    why did I just realize that scotty was wearing danny duncan’s merch