Devil May Cry 5 Angry Review

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 13, 2019
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    AJ & OJ are extremely excited Capcom is returning to the original DMC timeline and continuing the legendary franchises story! How does it stack up after all this time? Find out!
    *Disclaimer* AngryJoe is working w/ Publisher of DMC5 Capcom on a separate project Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game found Here: - This review however is a fully independent Review, no review copy or discussions were had regarding DMC5!
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  • HASSAN Awdi
    HASSAN Awdi  2 minutes ago

    Boss gauntlet was from part 1

  • Numbskill
    Numbskill  11 hours ago

    So... which version of Subhuman is playing in the intro? Cuz I can’t find it

  • mrroasty666
    mrroasty666  yesterday

    couldn't stand v's gay as fck poetry reading shit and was not a fan of that stupid bike as a weapon i mean it would have been ok if he just road it through enemy's and doing burnouts on them but wen he starts using them as giant clubs it just seem stupid...
    it would be nice if they continued to make games for the generations that grew up with them instead of pandering to all the children too
    young for the age rating.... also that Michael jackson refrence was fckn shit i hate that fcker and his shit music ffs.... way to make the the gayest Devil may cry yet.... well i guess that's just the times tho.....


    Working with capcom huh? Should be an honest review

  • Muhamad Iqbal
    Muhamad Iqbal  2 days ago

    Its trully a love letter to dmc 1 and 3

  • Corey McCraw
    Corey McCraw  3 days ago

    I don’t really have a opinion on boss gauntlets sometimes there fun some times there not but what I like is that it doesn’t use any bosses you have fought as V

  • johnsw224
    johnsw224  7 days ago

    Hope you figured out Ex provocation can be unlocked through bloody palace and you don't have to actually buy it

  • Mecha Apophis CloseAirSupport

    Trainer for the red orbs.... No money needed if it really takes too long or if its too grindy... :3

  • Jm 115
    Jm 115  7 days ago +7

    EA: "single player games are dead!"
    Capcom: " allow me to introduce myself "

  • Ladiesman1447
    Ladiesman1447  7 days ago

    DmC wasn't emo, it was grunge. DMC has always had strong emo elements, V being yet the latest example.

  • bodasactra
    bodasactra  7 days ago

    Nothing beats DMC series for badass originality from weapons and moves to enemies and levels.

  • Anthony Figueroa
    Anthony Figueroa  14 days ago +2

    I just wanted to appreciate the fact that they AJ spent over 400 dollars just on the Dante and Nero jackets

  • KingVVIlly
    KingVVIlly  14 days ago

    That Sweet Release should just be called “the Stranger” 👋 💦

  • Joseph Perry
    Joseph Perry  14 days ago

    Like for Onimusha reboot

  • Nael Mohammed
    Nael Mohammed  14 days ago +1

    Am I the only one thinking AJ put a white mop on his head to cosplay as Dante? LOL

  • Bobby S
    Bobby S  14 days ago

    What is that old school music during game title presentation from?

  • Aidan Downes
    Aidan Downes  14 days ago

    they had way to much fun with this review and I love it xD.

  • Slay Lawliet
    Slay Lawliet  14 days ago

    Ill come back here again when i played Devil May Cry 5

  • -Omega Zero-
    -Omega Zero-  14 days ago

    Is it just me or has joe slimmed down? The intro I noticed

  • randomps3stuff
    randomps3stuff  14 days ago +1

    I would argue you should play DMC 3 and 4 before 5 and maybe 1, it's not nearly as impactful if you don't