Live At Risky Reels - TIE Whisper Glider

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 12, 2019
  • Tune in tomorrow, December 14 at 2 PM ET to watch an exclusive scene premiere of Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker and earn the TIE Whisper Glider for free!

    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

    Facebook: /FortniteGame/

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  • zaki 478
    zaki 478  an hour ago

    I didn't get the glider even tho I attended the event not fair epic

  • Pocky-ポッキーさん


  • R.A.P.C pika
    R.A.P.C pika  6 days ago

    Eu não recebi

  • GaMeR 2010
    GaMeR 2010  7 days ago

    I got the glider without seeing the event

  • Julian Gordon
    Julian Gordon  7 days ago

    Add lightsabers to creative

  • iEynx
    iEynx  7 days ago

    vault lightsabers please

  • Slime Slime
    Slime Slime  14 days ago +1

    Fortnite should add hellboy as a skin

    INFINITE PLAyz  14 days ago

    Vault the light sabers

  • Will Haines
    Will Haines  14 days ago +1

    i didn’t get the tie fighter clider

  • xXvalen-gamerXx
    xXvalen-gamerXx  14 days ago

    Quiten los sables!

  • Rayan Shihab
    Rayan Shihab  14 days ago

    Fortnite i didn’t have glider

  • TylerBFN __
    TylerBFN __  14 days ago

    Patch lightsabers

  • YouTuber Mishka
    YouTuber Mishka  14 days ago

    Когда уже эти мечи конченые уберут. Хрень имбалансная

  • 4 BEATTS
    4 BEATTS  14 days ago +2

    I saw a Launchpad.

    🌏 Whole America: I am tweeting this picture as a leak feature

    It's returning in February 6 9:00am

  • Awesome Gamings
    Awesome Gamings  21 days ago


  • เค้กส้ม เรสเตอรอง

    i miss this reward TT

  • Sarwar667 gaming
    Sarwar667 gaming  21 days ago +2

    That is cool I have it

  • niggapoopsexbruhh
    niggapoopsexbruhh  21 days ago +2


  • Briana SpaceWolf
    Briana SpaceWolf  21 days ago

    Epic Games Said That If You came at Dec 14 at 2:00 You will get a Free tie Whisper But I didn’t know I got on and then as soon as I got on it Was 2:00 And got one For Free Amazing RIGHT

  • Someone
    Someone  21 days ago

    Worst Xmas ever... been playing for over a year, and this new chapter is horrible, it’s like EPIC don’t give af about Mobile players.

    EPIC is money hungry, so they put us all in the same games, saving on that extra server, (which us mobile players had last chapter, a mobile only server, and you could play cross platform if you wanted to, IT WAS AN OPTION, NOW ITS A DICTATORSHIP)

    my iPad gets really not, the game lags and freezes, I play with 2 thumbs, and here comes Xbox or PlayStation or PC players that slaughter us mobile players.

    Shame on you epic, worst game of the year award