I Tried To Re-Create These Hand-Pulled Noodles • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019
  • "Why did you let me do this? This is a bad idea!"

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  • Andrej The Freelancer

    Just add olive oil and it becomes elastic. Did you ever baked in your life?

  • Aman Khandelwal
    Aman Khandelwal  3 days ago +1

    I love Rie

  • DarkMaster
    DarkMaster  4 days ago

    Andrew 3 days in no good noodles
    Rie 3 minutes in 4 perfect noodles

  • DarkMaster
    DarkMaster  4 days ago

    Your problem was when you cut it into the several pieces its alot easier to pull the noodle when they rest for a while some pros dont need to do this but if your a beginner you should let the 8 pieces of noodles to rest for a while even when you pulling you if it gets hard just set it down and wait.

  • RickyKnives
    RickyKnives  4 days ago

    On the realest level - is Andrew okay?

  • Tom Gwerzman
    Tom Gwerzman  4 days ago

    6:12 gay culture has left the chat

  • lina hammamy
    lina hammamy  4 days ago

    Is he weighting water in a measuring cup???

  • Alden Yu
    Alden Yu  4 days ago

    The bowl of noodles Andrew made looked more like udon to be honest

  • Blake inc
    Blake inc  6 days ago

    Understand your trying and learning for the first time but dont like the idea of wasting so much food.

  • Yumi Animates
    Yumi Animates  6 days ago

    this is like nailed it all over again

  • Štěpán Karásek

    you're the worst cook on the Internet.

  • Alor Dauhpine
    Alor Dauhpine  7 days ago

    BuzzFeed hosts always seem so arrogant...

  • blurryoon
    blurryoon  7 days ago

    does anyone notice that Andrews clothes changes through the whole video?

  • blurryoon
    blurryoon  7 days ago

    am I the only one that thinks Andrew is cute?

  • yolo yo
    yolo yo  7 days ago

    Gordon ramsey cant make it

  • David Dunn
    David Dunn  7 days ago

    Wait did Jackie chan actually make it in the movie Mr. Nice guy

  • Fanghur AJ
    Fanghur AJ  7 days ago

    10:25 "That's a f**ing noodle Rie" -Andrew

  • Tater Games
    Tater Games  7 days ago

    sprinkle it with flour

  • nerd tech s
    nerd tech s  14 days ago

    Why are you trying this

  • Salty Tron
    Salty Tron  14 days ago

    i think you need to use flour when stretching the dough.