$2 Peking Duck Vs. $340 Peking Duck

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 3, 2018
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    Hey everyone!! Just wanna say it’s been an amazing season, and I’m so grateful for our dedicated Worth It Fam who have been with us every step of the way. You’ve been asking for it for a while.. so I’m happy to officially announce that we have merch!! It’s all on shop.buzzfeed.com and there’s limited supply, so get the first edition of shirts and hats while you can. (FYI my Worth it Winner is the hat, Adam’s is the “season 4 tour tee” shirt, and Andrew’s is the “cheers” shirt.)
    See you in season 5 🥂

    • Hauke Hennemann
      Hauke Hennemann  yesterday

      If Andrew loves bread...the European Bread Museum is located close to my hometown in Germany! And if you need a translator...just saying!!!

    • Valkonnen
      Valkonnen  4 days ago

      Dude, A young man with grey hair looks awful...You'll have plenty of that when you're old...Enjoy your youth.

    • Russell Grier
      Russell Grier  5 days ago

      i love your show dude please make more, wish i can tag along and get fat and broke same time lol it'll be a blast

    • perry dubbzz
      perry dubbzz  5 days ago

      can you post a link to the resurant i live near flushing i wana grab there duck

  • Yam
    Yam  an hour ago

    See, I've been telling everyone that Queens was the best borough this whole time and no one believed me

  • Ivy N
    Ivy N  3 hours ago

    pretty late but I just realized that I have peking duck more than I thought I did we always go to a store and there’s peking duck their and we get that a lot

  • 傅王爷
    傅王爷  8 hours ago

    Btw, try to use the crispy skin, only skin, dip into sugar and eat it. It will just melt in ur mouth. And please go try some authentic Peking duck.

  • 傅王爷
    傅王爷  8 hours ago

    Wait what? $2 Peking duck....sandwiches? That’s not even real Peking duck.

  • Quang Vũ Trần
    Quang Vũ Trần  9 hours ago

    Andrew looks like a caring boyfriend xD

  • Siddhanth Bhattacharyya

    Try worth it on different cookies

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness  19 hours ago

    "a bicycle pump"
    so... basically, we have no regard for food safety whatsoever. A bicycle pump is going to dump a bunch of nasty chemicals into the food.

  • Rhiannn :3
    Rhiannn :3  20 hours ago

    I'm so hungry now

  • Andrewcomp
    Andrewcomp  23 hours ago

    What how did I not see this vidddddd

  • Gangster pigs
    Gangster pigs  23 hours ago


  • Fred Fable
    Fred Fable  yesterday

    PEKIN Bozos..repeat with me PEKIN...not Peking Morons./

  • FatFreeYogurt
    FatFreeYogurt  yesterday

    Well I’m super late

  • Hazulkar
    Hazulkar  yesterday

    Who's that girl? She's beautiful!

  • UgniusKas
    UgniusKas  yesterday

    more of the hentai girl

  • marcel ramirez
    marcel ramirez  yesterday

    I'm full... Too much 🍲 food

  • roger xu
    roger xu  yesterday


  • Edmund Wong
    Edmund Wong  yesterday

    Want more food videos like this subscribe to tasty. Don’t get me wrong worth it is FANTASTIC but tasty gives you recipes that you could make by ur self. Let’s get tasty to 10 million subs!

  • Dream Mist7
    Dream Mist7  2 days ago

    "We will let the duck rest for a moment"
    yeah I think it's been resting for quite a while lmao

  • saskiapanter
    saskiapanter  2 days ago

    I had Peking duck the original way only one time and it was soooooo tastyl. Sadly enough the restaurant making it went out of business because they were getting old and their kids didn't want to take over....I would love to eat it again