Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg Monologue - 2019 Golden Globes (Highlight)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 6, 2019
  • Hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg open the show by "roasting" the nominees and more at the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
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    Sandra Oh, star of the critically acclaimed BBC America drama series "Killing Eve," and Andy Samberg, star of NBC's Golden Globe-winning comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," will take center stage at The Beverly Hilton as co-hosts of the star-studded 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards, celebrating the very best in television and film. The popular three-hour ceremony serves as the official kickoff to awards season.

    Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg Monologue - 2019 Golden Globes (Highlight)

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  • Tai-Ge
    Tai-Ge  2 hours ago

    lmaooo they had the camera on every woc in the audience at the end but this deadass was !!! so good

  • Nickolas Stuart
    Nickolas Stuart  3 hours ago

    Asians and blacks

  • Dean Juliano
    Dean Juliano  5 hours ago

    11:05 "I want to know who laughed, and I want to now see everything they've ever done!"
    Here from Sam and Jim + Colin

  • Gillian Orley
    Gillian Orley  14 hours ago

    I know it was supposed to be funny that their jokes were not risqué or funny. But it wasn't funny. It was just boring. Bring back Ricky and let him be "offensive."

  • York Hunt
    York Hunt  yesterday

    When you try so hard to not offend anybody, you also make it impossible to impress anyone.
    This is humorless comedy. Not funny, not interesting, just indulgent.

  • Greg Bowen
    Greg Bowen  yesterday


  • Anna Merriman
    Anna Merriman  yesterday

    wow people really did not get Andy Samberg's brilliance. He does anti-humor so well

  • KT_Tina
    KT_Tina  yesterday

    Asian flush 😭😭😭😭🤧🤧

  • Rebecca Patch
    Rebecca Patch  yesterday

    i just can’t dislike anything andy samberg does so all i have to say is i love him

  • bee
    bee  yesterday

    the freddie mercury joke was so disturbing and disrespectful. shame on the writers and the hosts for actually going through with it. and freddie was cremated btw. screw y’all.

  • Juan Ayala
    Juan Ayala  2 days ago

    It’s a shame Sandra’s last moment was seen as a joke at first, especially since Andy’s “all kidding aside” ended up being a joke too. Powerful words from her, regardless!

  • Natalie Greye
    Natalie Greye  2 days ago

    Andy is ACTUALLY Jake Peralta

  • Padthai Beyoncée

    Jim Carrey was the best part of this but I think Sandra and Andy did a great job

  • Tungaa Bayarmaa
    Tungaa Bayarmaa  2 days ago

    7:29 who’s that

  • Sassy Gal
    Sassy Gal  3 days ago

    They were so cute together. She looked beautiful

  • Matrix29bear
    Matrix29bear  3 days ago

    NOTE CAREFULLY .... the Flu Shot whitecoats NEVER CHANGED NEEDLES.
    They basically Mother Teresa'd the crowd the same way Junkies share Heroin needles (and diseases). So either they used PROP NEEDLES (like the toy baby bottles that simulate emptying when tilted, but no liquid leaves the container) or they never actually injected anyone or they shared needles like junkies and now everyone in that room has SHARED DISEASES inflicted by this TERRORIST ACT of injecting unknown substances WITHOUT CONSENT UNDER DURESS into the victims in that room.
    What you have witnessed is a TERRORIST ACT.
    They all should be sued, jailed, and executed.

  • Drew Hong
    Drew Hong  3 days ago +1


  • Hotpockety
    Hotpockety  3 days ago

    Is this a stupid question
    How is it a monologue if its 2 people?
    Aren’t monologues for 1person to talk to the audience
    Am i stupid

  • Nicholas Rice
    Nicholas Rice  3 days ago +2

    Political correctness has taken the humor out of comedy. -Colin Quinn

  • Lloyd Cool
    Lloyd Cool  4 days ago +2

    Not funny at all