Bonus League with Amulet Titan

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 23, 2019
  • Trying to create some extra content for people that follow me on Youtube! I played and recorded an extra League with Amulet Titan before GP Las Vegas! Hope you enjoy it, and let me know in the comments if you like this kind of content!

    Match 1 - Druid Company: 0:47
    Match 2 - Mardu Shadow: 17:21
    Match 3 - Mardu Shadow: 34:12
    Match 4 - Humans: 44:47
    Match 5 - Jund: 55:18

    You can catch the stream live here:
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  • Camron Neighbours
    Camron Neighbours  21 days ago

    G2 against Druid we should have taken forest so that we can play it and stir again looking for gemstone mine or grafdigger's cage

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson  21 days ago +3

    I love this content. Focusing on your gameplay and talking through your lines is something I believe should do more often. I still love the chat interaction, don't get me wrong, but from a pure educational perspective this kind of content is really, really beneficial for people like myself. Thank you for recording this video!

  • Ntouros Vasilis
    Ntouros Vasilis  21 days ago +5

    I guess a lot of the matchups showed that switching back to karn comes with the risk of having your opp already siding in to beat your artifacts, so you're kinda digging your own grave.
    Still I think apart from EE, trinket is not as good as karn (the 2/2 body is relevant but not as much).

    Imagining these games with two karns in there makes me feel after Gak gets banned we will have so much more stuff to experiment with.

    As always thanks for the content, this was a pleasant surprise to wake up to. Seeing you able to focus more from playing without a chat is nice aswell.