Here's What Happens When Your Tesla Runs Low on Battery Life ***RANGE ANXIETY***

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 30, 2018
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  • Hoovies Garage  1 years ago

    Went full Vlog on this one, complete with the Clickbait title. Forgive me... Really though, when the Tesla runs to zero range, it still has a hidden reserve of 10-20 miles. If you follow the GPS directions, it's impossible to do so.

  • Genesis G 90  1 years ago

    Cute cupple

  • Genesis G 90  1 years ago

    Hoovies Garage who the girl sitting beside you

  • I'm waiting for the video Ann makes..."Hoovie bought the cheapest engagement ring in the United States".

  • Savu 31  5 months ago

    and then , five things I hate of my cheapest husband in the USA

  • Soylent GoogleCuck  9 months ago

    ..Then leaves him because love is fake and asians are the epitome of materialism top kek

  • laowhy86  1 years ago

    Hoovie, how did you manage to make the worst intro song in the world so likable over time? I am gonna slap myself if I catch myself humming it again.

  • Logan Goff  5 months ago

    When worlds collide wtf๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Stephen Parker  1 years ago

    laowhy86 hhjjh

  • obliviouz  1 years ago

    You should never have your girlfriend (wife?) in the frame when trying to promote anything. Because no one is looking at the watch at that point.

  • Johnny Nimble  1 years ago

    >buys Tesla to save environment>throws rocks at natureNever ever change you magnificent man.

  • Tom Rehfeld  1 years ago


  • 009a2  1 years ago

    Thank you!! you made my day!!! :D

  • Broke Miata  1 years ago

    Youโ€™ll get your karma for that clickbait title.

  • Austin Broussard  1 years ago

    Also for trying to hit a bird XD

  • Big MT  1 years ago

    Broke Miata found the redditor

  • gosportjamie  1 years ago

    What is surprising is that one of Hoovie's cars did exactly what it was supposed to...

  • O Lock  11 months ago

    1:15 of advertising.

  • Itech Iwizard  1 years ago

    gosportjamie His landcruiser also did that, you know, tackling some off road terrains.

  • Last week you were hugging a tree...Now your chucking rocks at birds.

  • Scott Chiste  1 years ago

    *BREAKING NEWS* Electric car driver throws rock at bird

  • Monte Stu  1 years ago

    Scott Chiste โ€” Not much of a tree hugger after all...

  • Emil Erickson  1 years ago

    Anyone else notice that he car is named โ€œPapaโ€™s cool carโ€ on the dash lmaooo

  • Gavin Vennemann  5 months ago

    Mabe his daughter

  • 91Nickson  10 months ago

    I knew it, that I'm not the only one who noticed it. This guy is savage hahaha :D