Khabib knew he'd lose to Conor McGregor in verbal battle so he took the L and stayed calm,Dana

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 22, 2018
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  • i'm yaya
    i'm yaya  1 months ago

    Today you can see khabib wins hahahaha...salute for you khabib because punch that stupid boxer like cobor mc chiken..conor now you need to silent..someone like you i cant rasist conor mc 🐔

  • Talha Mubarik
    Talha Mubarik  1 months ago +1

    Who is here after KHABIB win <3

  • yoosuf Mughal
    yoosuf Mughal  1 months ago +2

    No he is just stayed calm and humble because he know he would win against the overconfident poster boy.

  • Johnny Kool
    Johnny Kool  1 months ago

    Whiskey won’t help you is what won the press conference

  • Ethan McMillion
    Ethan McMillion  1 months ago

    I would love any of you pussies talking shit to get in the octagon with either one of these fighters lmfao

  • Brett Werner
    Brett Werner  1 months ago +1

    I hope Tony wins and is in line for the winner of Nate and Dustin or Conor and khabib. Ufc is awesome right now!😀

  • Brett Werner
    Brett Werner  1 months ago

    It’s not that they hate exhothwr. It’s literally the two best light weights. That’s enough for me. I don’t need a wwf stupid little girl stuff to amuse me with mma

  • rentalife
    rentalife  1 months ago

    I hope Conor wins. His fighting style looks better to me and also as the Conor he is I wish he gets the job done. when I see the pictures of the confererence, Khabib was so calm and cool and in the eyecontact he didn't blinkted or looked away. That speaks for a high self esteem. Be careful of the quiet ones...

  • Andrew Samano
    Andrew Samano  1 months ago +1

    song during the Tony Ferguson clip is CLUBBED TO DEATH by ROB DOUGAN 😎

  • Uzi Gang
    Uzi Gang  1 months ago

    Dana's got such a hard on for McGregor he's constantly shooting loads.

  • anonymous k
    anonymous k  1 months ago

    Sorry Dana. Can't hear you with Connors dick in your mouth!

  • Joe Booth
    Joe Booth  1 months ago

    Why did this chode take down the description and the music credits and why won't he say what the music credit is for the Ferguson clip? Stealing from musicians.

  • Joe Booth
    Joe Booth  1 months ago


  • ioannis killis
    ioannis killis  1 months ago

    Give us one more with Tony in the future

  • asimioso
    asimioso  1 months ago

    that ending with tony was sick, bravo

  • Manosh Marace
    Manosh Marace  1 months ago

    Tabarnak October 6 is gonna be fucking insane

  • vertigev
    vertigev  1 months ago

    Man, can't wait for the return of TONY! As weird as he is, I love that guy

  • Dusan Mlynek
    Dusan Mlynek  1 months ago

    If Khabib will play his game, it's gonna be me who will be sleeping in round 2.

  • seamorgh21
    seamorgh21  1 months ago

    Tyron tore his labia. Sounds about right.

  • Squirtle Is The Best Pokemon

    When he finally gets the opportunity, Tony Ferguson will be the champ. Mark my fucking words