Khabib was talking to Conor McGregor while mauling him in Round 2,Kavanagh on Conor

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 9, 2018
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  • Naureen Khan
    Naureen Khan  12 days ago

    This is facking fake because there were jailesing

  • Swisher sweets 239

    6:58 so brutal there’s blood under his armpit how?

  • Paul Levine
    Paul Levine  24 days ago

    UFC 335 or whatever PPV is next for Khabib
    First fight on card - Khabib v Ferguson
    Second fight - Last fight - Khabib v McGregor
    I can just see Khabib winning both fights! Would be an epic PPV too

  • Paul Levine
    Paul Levine  24 days ago

    Khabib is too funny - "Hey! Lets Talk!"

  • Omar Elahi
    Omar Elahi  27 days ago

    Fucking BISPING had me in tears 😂😂. “I didn’t tap”

  • John Liver
    John Liver  29 days ago

    The DH doesn’t deserve a re match. Stop thinking prick!

  • GBHanny8
    GBHanny8  29 days ago

    Don't you love it when respect, one's name and one's family drive a fighter far harder than 'just business'.

  • Ruben Luna
    Ruben Luna  29 days ago

    I think khabib actually says, hey! ... guess so!

  • xerakis
    xerakis  29 days ago

    Khabib is a G ….dayumm , man to man , in his wheelhouse big-time raining pain on him.

  • Phil Watts
    Phil Watts  29 days ago

    That video at the end was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • BraaapAllDay
    BraaapAllDay  29 days ago

    Connor didn’t just give up. Your a dumbass if you think he did and say it was just a head squeeze. When he could probably break your damn jaw if squeezed hard enough. And he’s also cranking his head bck

  • Rene Gallardo
    Rene Gallardo  29 days ago

    It's only business dude. Tap, tap, you sure ? Yes, wow.
    A concert.
    A big posse vs five ? A few minutes later, the police are coming. So, f*** it.
    Who ran ?
    May everyone have a positive day or two.

  • doc retrofuturo
    doc retrofuturo  a months ago

    khabib aint broke jack crap, he won a fight and got paid 1/5th less.. khabib was in the best fight shape of his life and it took him 4 rounds to submit out of fight shape conor who been swimming in his millions for 2 years... khabib still loses

    • doc retrofuturo
      doc retrofuturo  3 days ago

      excuses to feel good?.. apparently you are retarded.. does your custodian know you are on the internet? ... fact: conor made 50 million... khabib made 15 million.. khabib lost by 35 million.. not by 3,500, 35,000, 350,000 or 3,500,000.. but by 35,000,000... khabib would've made peanuts if it wasn't for conor... conor put more food on khabib's family's table than khabib and his whole family put together ever have.. if you are pro-khabib, you should love, appreciate, and thank conor for agreeing to an ufc fight khabib... especially when conor was in his worst fighting shape ever having not fought mma in 2 years and khabib was in the best fighting shape of his life having remained active.. khabib will lose to tony ferguson, then tony ferguson will lose to conor, then khabib will get his last major paycheck when he loses to conor who will be in his regular fighting shape... same ordeal as conor vs diaz 2.... there's a joke for ya

    • Rebaz98
      Rebaz98  4 days ago

      Hahahha keep making excuses for your self to feel good lol your a joke

  • Ronalds Bērziņš
    Ronalds Bērziņš  a months ago

    ''it wasn't submission''?? what a twat

  • Leohardson Stevenson

    Khabib “LETS TALK” Nurmagomedov

  • Inayet Hadi
    Inayet Hadi  a months ago

    Khabib vs Mayweather

  • Giant Killer
    Giant Killer  a months ago

    Get rid of the teammate known as the cage....

  • Jay Rice
    Jay Rice  a months ago

    Is that Mike Goldberg in the audience at 6:00?

  • Nathan HG
    Nathan HG  a months ago

    LOL what is wrong with that lady!?

  • skander1977
    skander1977  a months ago

    A rematch??? The Boy tapped!! He was genuinely scared for his life!!