We Teach Our Dad INTERNET SLANG - Merrell Twins

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • We teach our dad internet slang! How many of these internet terms do you know? SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL HERE ▶ http://bit.ly/2dSP9Fg WATCH MORE VIDEOS WEBS MOST SEARCHED QUESTIONS https://youtu.be/cbw0cVMbkaYLIE DETECTOR TEST https://youtu.be/tijeaTxfKVQMY CRUSH DM’d ME https://youtu.be/8-5BkHUKrx4THE BREAK UP https://youtu.be/MyS8AjVj9FQTHE SECOND DATE https://youtu.be/jFSwAf51Wn8BAD HAIR DAY https://youtu.be/wWhy6qr_aZIOUR MERCH ▶ https://www.districtlines.com/Merrell...JOIN VERY IMPORTANT POTATOES ▶ https://bit.ly/2DUhNE2FOLLOW USINSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/MerrellTwinsINSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/vanessamerrellINSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/veronicamerrellTWITTER https://twitter.com/MerrellTwinsTWITTER https://twitter.com/VanessaMerrellTWITTER https://twitter.com/veronicamerrellwww.merrelltwins.comHit the woahteauwusoftclownerycloutdadshooklocalstancome thruperiodtand i oopno capWeird flex but okThis ain't it chiefslapsfactsbreadglow upsaucethiccI'm babysmolbeat my facewbkwigMerrell Twins DateMerrell Twins Bad Hair Day diy dad


  • Saima xø
    Saima xø  3 months ago +4853

    (👇🏽 Press this to catch it)

  • Magda R
    Magda R  3 months ago +564

    This low key helped me and I’m a teenager 😂

  • Elani Spencer
    Elani Spencer  3 months ago +953

    “WBK= white boy crazy”
    Merely Twins dad 2019

  • Ava Marie
    Ava Marie  2 months ago +504

    Is no one gonna talk about Vanessa’s outfit 😍😭

  • J-Ayame Ocampo
    J-Ayame Ocampo  2 months ago +391

    when paul says wAkA WaKa FlAKa dance, instead of hit the woah 😂

  • Eliza Howe
    Eliza Howe  3 months ago +2628

    Who else didn’t know some of these...😂🙋🏼‍♀️

  • napoleonrafael
    napoleonrafael  3 months ago +212

    Nessa: I AM THE MEME QUEEN!!!!
    Paul: ....ooo-wuh??

  • Love HORSES
    Love HORSES  2 months ago +256

    Dad:And I was trying to don the wakakwaka
    Roni: you mean hit the woah
    I laughed so hard😂😂😂😂😂

  • Magda R
    Magda R  3 months ago +225

    “Put the sauce on the tea and beat my face because I’m dead” I’M DEAD 😂
    10/10 best quote 19:57

  • itz beccaaa xo
    itz beccaaa xo  2 months ago +89

    i think we allll knew what they were laughing at "sHe mAkEs mE sOfT"

    AMY SUPERSTAR  3 months ago +661

    Here’s an example:
    “The Merrell Twins are the best youtubers ever PERIODT”

  • Kassie Lee
    Kassie Lee  3 months ago +89

    I watched the “soft” part 20x. It was sooo funny to watch everyone’s reactions! I’m dead! ♥️😂

  • Stefany Gracia
    Stefany Gracia  2 months ago +138

    Teacher: next one to laugh gets sent to the deans
    Me and my friends: 18:00-18:23 😂😂😂

  • Em.ily H•
    Em.ily H•  2 months ago +104

    I was sitting with my family while watching this and I started DYING!
    My family: Is she ok?

  • Bree Kess
    Bree Kess  1 months ago +47

    “ Put the sauce on the tea and beat my face because I’m dead. Stop this clownery and that’s facts. Periodt.”
    Paul Merrell

  • its me cupcake
    its me cupcake  2 months ago +45

    “the waka waka flaka dance”
    😂 LOL
    ilygsm! y’all r hilarious. ♥️♥️♥️

  • Siri Chekuri
    Siri Chekuri  2 months ago +36

    Catch the woah by pressing the like button

  • Afra Noor
    Afra Noor  2 months ago +72

    When they talked about BTS
    Me: Sips tea

  • Rose _M123
    Rose _M123  2 months ago +23

    Yasssss, is she an ARMY!!!????😁😆
    Only BTS fans would get

  • Clexayy T
    Clexayy T  3 months ago +1469

    ‘She’s soft’ -Roni
    ‘She makes me soft’ -Nessa
    Dad: smh No comment
    Everyone dies of laughter
    What it actually means: a kind loving person.