Daenerys is Kind of Terrible | Book to Show Comparison

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 3, 2018
  • A big complaint that I always get on this channel is that I always criticize Arya and Jon Snow and the Dornish plot lines of the show but I never criticize Daenerys. Well, guess what people today you're getting your wish! The show actually managed to get a lot of things right when it comes to Daenerys and her plot line but they also missed a lot and simplified a lot. That's me putting it nicely, as the shows popularity grew the show Runners pivoted too entertaining the lowest common denominator in other words they dumbed a lot of stuff down.

    If we're in Meereen why are we seeing kill the Masters written in the common tongue? How does Daenerys suddenly have control of her dragons after not being able to control them at all? Why does Daenerys complain about needing food supplies but then immediately after decides to burn a bunch of food supplies, it seems like It would have made the most logical sense to save those for your starving hungry dothraki on dragonstone, whose only resource is fish, pretty sure the Dothraki don’t fish, at least not in the sea.

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    She’s the worst character on the show .
    I got so bummed out when she had scenes , and giving a dragon to the night king so the dead could get over the wall is so DUMB!!!!!!
    And did no one ever make armor for the dragons ????
    I’m a little bitter 😂

  • Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández

    GoT is well known by characters just "walks on": Jamie & Bronn in Dorne, Bronn threating Jamie & Tyrion, Alfie Greyjoy rescuing lil' ziztah, etc, etc.

  • Chrome VX
    Chrome VX  7 days ago

    Not going to lie but the speeches that she gives are my favorite part of the show!

  • Aleksander Vadla
    Aleksander Vadla  7 days ago +1

    Haaha. Imagine this video uploaded after season 8!😂

  • Fletcher Gillespie

    9:01 how can you hang out with yourself tho???

  • Cheryl Baxter ,Stormborn

    It was Tyrions idea to go beyond the wall to take one of the whites to show Cersie an for her to see an join the army so I blame Tyrion an was it his plan all along I wish Daenarys had stayed at Dragonstone or her an Jon fly in to Kingslanding an Rule together , though I haven't read the books I'm starting now on Audible so I don't know about the Awful Daenarys an if she's not fire resistance how did her eggs hatch or did she just put them on Kharl Drogos funeral phyae

  • Dee Devoleno
    Dee Devoleno  1 months ago

    Don't feed the haters. The non haters have 2 million people who had the courage to sign a petition that told the writers there script fell short. The real Daenerys would not have burned down the supplies. She would have surrounded the Lannister army and gave them a choice to give up supplies and or join her, with an inspirational speech about liberation. Dumb and Dumber, just wanted a dramatic battle scene. D&D forgot how to write Dany.

  • ahgase 7
    ahgase 7  1 months ago

    the items in the bunch are not only food but also gold to pay debts to iron banks. that's what causes the daenerys to burn the bunch.

  • Sunshine Clark
    Sunshine Clark  1 months ago

    What your saying is that dumb & dumber have been terrible to her story arc from the beginning

  • Conscious Being
    Conscious Being  2 months ago

    I haven't read the books, but the show runners portrayed Daenerys as a Machiavellian psychopath/sociopath from the get go. Too bad some fans never caught on to it and thought she was a protagonist.

  • Ayu Thakur
    Ayu Thakur  2 months ago

    Now how do u feel when u realise she was suffering from a medical condition?

  • Chandra Wagner
    Chandra Wagner  2 months ago

    Wow, D &D are geniuses, Dany walked into dragonstone without using scout's to foreshadow how she would fly/sail to dragonstone without using scouts. sacrcasm

  • Jackie Frankovich
    Jackie Frankovich  2 months ago

    This is so funny now.

  • Kayla Riddell
    Kayla Riddell  2 months ago +1

    Can you do a video about the house of the undying, the vision she got of her unborn son that had copper skin and was standing in front of a burning town if he was to live and the similarities between the vision and Daenery's future compares

  • Daniel Georgi
    Daniel Georgi  2 months ago

    your LOST rant killed me! i said the same thing yesterday before watching this

  • Bipolar Bear
    Bipolar Bear  2 months ago

    What does season 8 have in store? utter CRAP that's what!

  • Dina Azem
    Dina Azem  2 months ago

    yeah and you're just awesome. u lost another subscriber, you have a bad attitude ...

  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson  2 months ago

    you're right on every account lol

  • d a n y
    d a n y  2 months ago +1

    this fandom is filled with meninists and hypocrites y'all only hate when dany kills her enemies but when the other character does the same or even worse y'all mouths are zipped

  • Lumist
    Lumist  2 months ago

    For any of you saying this video proves mad dany you are mistaken the creator of this video himself disagrees with that idea