Daenerys is Kind of Terrible | Book to Show Comparison

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 3, 2018
  • A big complaint that I always get on this channel is that I always criticize Arya and Jon Snow and the Dornish plot lines of the show but I never criticize Daenerys. Well, guess what people today you're getting your wish! The show actually managed to get a lot of things right when it comes to Daenerys and her plot line but they also missed a lot and simplified a lot. That's me putting it nicely, as the shows popularity grew the show Runners pivoted too entertaining the lowest common denominator in other words they dumbed a lot of stuff down. If we're in Meereen why are we seeing kill the Masters written in the common tongue? How does Daenerys suddenly have control of her dragons after not being able to control them at all? Why does Daenerys complain about needing food supplies but then immediately after decides to burn a bunch of food supplies, it seems like It would have made the most logical sense to save those for your starving hungry dothraki on dragonstone, whose only resource is fish, pretty sure the Dothraki don’t fish, at least not in the sea.Thanks for watching!Please consider supporting this channel on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ideasoficeand...Twitter: https://twitter.com/IDEASOFICE_FIRELike me on Facebook!: https://www.facebook.com/IOIAFFeel free to leave a comment like and subscribe!Thanks For Watching!Art Credits:Dany and the red door by quislings on DeviantArtASOIAF - Daario Naharis by JustAnoR on DeviantArtDaenerys Targaryen by Michael-C-Hayes Stephen Najarian


  • RacinZilla003  1 months ago

    This video aged like a fine wine

  • mer kikima  20 hours ago

    @Bright Garinson in the books she even allowed a child to be tortured in front of her father to make him confess it shows just how far she is willing to go to get what she wants

  • KingofMeereen  19 days ago

    Thang Hoang true! The Five Targaryen kings we’ve seen who can be deduced as “mad” showed violent tendencies as kids. Like legit, strangling kittens kind of messed up. The book Fire and Blood shows that Targaryens aren’t born mad, but they are born either gentle or violent — never both... until Dany. We see Daenerys capable of being both and that’s why it’s so interesting because she knows she has ruthless tendencies but she actively set up measures to suppress that when she can. And she’s not ruthless ...

  • Jenna Fern  2 months ago

    “Any man who must say I am king is no true king” Tywin Lannister. I think this could apply to queen too

  • XaviOvf  24 days ago

    @Paps LS I think only Tywin and Tyrion are good polititians among the Lannisters (in the books). Tywin is implacable though.

  • BumbleandGrumble  2 months ago

    What I don't like is why they put her and Jon together when they have absolutely no chemistry. Jon and Ygritte had lots of chemistry, you could tell by the way she teased him and how he reacted, their conversations together and their genuine respect for each other. There is none of this with Dany and Jon; it seems forced because it is forced and I cringe every time I'm told they're "so much in love".

  • Their love didn’t play at all! But that is also a problem of it being poorly written and directed! A director’s responsibility to create chemistry even if it is not actually there. GRRM wrote Jon and Ygritte’s love story, but unfortunately he didn’t write Jon and Daenerys.

  • Love Lee  9 days ago

    @Tayler Owens i get that, but they didn't give jon and dany the same kinda scenes to build the relationship. We also didn't get the chemistry because there were no scenes like the silk dress, left foot right foot or You're mine and I'm yours. If we die, we die, but first we'll live.

  • Everytime she says "bend the knee" I cringe..

  • whatwhat3432523  8 days ago

    @Syed Arham Ali 8bp you talk like westeros live in the 1900s. Even 50% of the world in 2019 is nowhere close to democracy.

  • Frango de Satanás.  1 months ago

    Now I cringe every time Jon says "she's my queen" ,that's all he says now

  • Jon Snow  1 months ago

    Hey that's my aunt/girlfriend you're talking about.

  • Jon Snow  5 days ago

    @Jon Snow As long as one of us remembers to pet Ghost

  • Shezus Nice  12 days ago

    Lol I heard if your sister is a mess a cousin comes in 2nd best...or something like that.

  • Klaudia Toporowska  1 months ago

    Remember when dany was more moved when she locked her dragons away than when they died..... #logic

  • TheJaviferrol  2 months ago

    She has 3 dragons but somewhere from Season 5 onwards, she might as well only have Drogon cause its the only one she seems to give a crap about

  • downy  13 days ago

    TheJaviferrol aaa

  • Lyza Arciete  27 days ago

    it's your fault rhaegal died

  • Panda  2 months ago

    Yeah Dany not caring about her dragon dying really disappointed me. She didn't feel like a Mary Sue to me until season 6 or 7.

  • e Moose  26 days ago

    True man! She didnt grieve at all!!

  • Varghese Ninan  26 days ago

    @Storm Bey , Oh.Okay. I agree on that it's GRRM's self-inert fantasy. But I believe GRRM has implied that he based Sam off of himself. Doesn't make it before but at least he admits it.

  • S'arah Triel  2 months ago

    I really dislike Daenerys. She really lacked empathy with Sam. And then expecting Sansa to like her because she is the QUEEN. She is starting to sound like Joeffry.

  • M B  6 days ago

    Yep that sad for sam but please, Sansa is a huge cunt. She only like herself fucking ass.

  • Love Lee  9 days ago

    @Pat Budnick I really found Sam's question poor, she basically postponed her quest for the crown to save the people, she risked her life, her dragons and her army to save the people and she committed to do that before jon bent the knee. But becuase sam asks the question everyone was "ahh, no she wouldn't". Idiots.

  • eliza washington  1 months ago

    To be fair...Emelia Clarke came back to work after TWO seperate aneurysms. Straight up re-learned Dothraki in the hospital bed to get her brain working again.

  • Storm Bey  26 days ago

    @Daniel She did an interview with The New Yorker, it was interesting and pretty honest. I think it'll be years or at least a year before they can talk more openly about their feelings and some of the pitfalls of everything.

  • Danny Boyle  27 days ago

    emelia is demon possessed