This Flat Footed Fool Khabib is going to freeze in there and I'll Maul him,Dana on Holloway

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 2, 2018
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  • Creepy Ass Cracker

    "ginger headed fuk" got smeshed.... LMAO

  • ramazan tanbi
    ramazan tanbi  a months ago

    khabib froze all right!! beat his ass like a red headed step child!!

  • Network Security Classics

    What belts does Connor carries? He isn't the champ right?

  • Nicky Santoro
    Nicky Santoro  1 months ago +1

    This flat footed fool Conor is going to freeze in there and I’ll maul him - Khabib “The One” Nurmagomedov

  • adam nelson
    adam nelson  1 months ago +1

    HAhahahahahahaaa WHO GOT MAULED?!??!! Hahahahaahaaaa Leprechaun GOOF!!! GTFO!!! BYE BYE!!!! DONE!!!!!

  • second to none
    second to none  1 months ago +3

    F*** did I say 4th round

  • Andrew Cruz
    Andrew Cruz  1 months ago

    They really love throwing the word “maul” around world first class ending right there !

  • edge12234
    edge12234  1 months ago

    The Yoel Romero suspension is fake news

  • thekillingtomat
    thekillingtomat  1 months ago

    i think usadas policy is all wrong. they treat every case as guilty until proven innocent. it should honestly be the other way around.
    sure, some fighters who did cheat will be fighting while on peds but u can easily punish them afterwards if found guilty. what they cant do tho, is undo the two year layoff chad mendes got because of skin cream or whatever it was.
    if a fighter is under suspicion let him fight, and then figure out afterwards if he truly was dirty or not. it seems to me that they are punishing good guys for tainted supplements than than actually catching cheaters. or everyones a cheater i dont know.

  • She w
    She w  1 months ago

    i luvv the way the cable is holding its top to be respected for taking out TF lol

  • W Md
    W Md  1 months ago

    "shut your mewt" - dopers to jon jones

  • FightHustler
    FightHustler  1 months ago

    Isn't Valentina fighting that bum sajara ?

  • fatalradius
    fatalradius  1 months ago

    Tainted supplement = champ champ champ.

  • Mr. 47
    Mr. 47  1 months ago

    Tainted cocaine😂😂🤣🤣

  • Zurreal
    Zurreal  1 months ago

    Ali vs McGregor would be a fucking joke lmao. Ali would die and the world become a slightly better place.

    • adam nelson
      adam nelson  1 months ago

      HAhahahahahahaaa WHO GOT MAULED?!??!! Hahahahaahaaaa Leprechaun GOOF!!! GTFO!!! BYE BYE!!!! DONE!!!!!

  • Sam Maki
    Sam Maki  1 months ago +1

    During these exhanges, this is the first time you can truly tell that Conor doesn't believe in what he's saying. It's interesting to see him in Aldos position (aldo vs conor), he know's he can't win this fight.

  • pickzkickz
    pickzkickz  1 months ago +1

    Conor will tap....early to avoid further beating.

  • Brian Wiremu Kepa
    Brian Wiremu Kepa  1 months ago

    The end shit that was funny

  • kevinsoul1
    kevinsoul1  1 months ago

    Conor is king

  • Nate Mothafucka
    Nate Mothafucka  1 months ago

    They use the same video over and over of dc training whenever he fights