Stephen A. Smith this is Why Anthony Davis is the best teammate LeBRON has had

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 24, 2019
  • First Take - Stephen A. Smith this is Why Anthony Davis is the best teammate LeBRON has had
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  • Reese Frm Da Lower Eastside

    Jr is clearly Lebron's greatest teammate lmfao

  • MAY 4TH
    MAY 4TH  1 months ago

    Every single thing max said was accurate and after 2nd year wade legs was shot!!and let’s not forget wade as same exact player just less size and court vision Stephen A 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Ron Silvia
    Ron Silvia  1 months ago

    Its funny how now the question has become whose lebron james best teammate when it came to talking about the best player in history MICHEAL JORDAN that was never the question one had to ask lebron james is a bum he needs other players to carry him.

  • Ron Silvia
    Ron Silvia  1 months ago

    Ad is not in the same league as those players like Barkley, Malone, Garnett, get real that is fkg absurd.

  • Markavelli Medina
    Markavelli Medina  1 months ago

    Everyone knows j.r smith was lebron James best team mate what'chu'talm'bout

  • Joshua Murphy
    Joshua Murphy  1 months ago

    Kyrie was not Ad

  • Carmen G
    Carmen G  1 months ago

    of course, Anthony Davis is the best player becAuse HE'S A SUPERSTAR

  • Blake Alexander
    Blake Alexander  1 months ago

    Stephen A. Smith is so full is bs about Wade teaching LeBron how to win lol. LeBron carries the worst team in Finals history to the finals as a 22 year old in 2007. Wade won his championship down 2 1/2 games to none because of the crooked refs, & the ref that served the prison sentence for fixing games said that again just recently. They didn’t win in 2011 so Wade apparently quite literally didn’t ‘teach him how to win’ lol & then when they did win the next year & 2 seasons, it was because of / mostly because of LeBron. LeBron getting over his 2011 finals outside shooting woes & Wade being half healthy for like 2, 2 1/2 years to add to an all time great LeBron (& Bosh etc.) is what propelled them over the top to win - the finals competition is LeBron’s career is way better than what Jordan faced in the Finals- and when Jordan faced better teams in the 80’s, he lost ...heck, he never even won a playoff game (0-9) until he got Pippen did Pippen ‘teach’ MJ how to win? Because Jordan literally did way less than LeBron did in the playoffs with ‘no help’

  • Jacob Jonees
    Jacob Jonees  1 months ago


  • Blake Alexander
    Blake Alexander  1 months ago

    Thank you, Max, that’s exactly what I’ve always said about Wade (mostly due to his health) with LeBron! That’s why LeBron ended up leaving after ‘only’ 4 seasons

  • Torey Townsend
    Torey Townsend  1 months ago

    Do they almost sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks or is it just me, LOL!!!!

    DJROMAXTION S  1 months ago

    stephen A s face at 2:31 LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO i cannot

  • Devin Robles
    Devin Robles  1 months ago

    LeBron is to AD what Dwyane Wade was to LeBron think about it 🙏👌

  • Dagoberto Lagarda
    Dagoberto Lagarda  1 months ago

    Stephen A. Is correct, Max needs to just stop talking about basketball. Hey Max, do you remember Boston Celtics with the big three of K.G, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen? That was an all-star stacked team that killed LeBron and Wade. Wade is and would've been garbage back in the tougher more defensive game, LeBron would have been a more finesse passer but same style as Karl Malone, but not dominant offensively like Karl

  • Anansi Son
    Anansi Son  1 months ago

    Celtics Max

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones  1 months ago

    So Kyrie Irving doesn't even get honorable mention SMH.🤔

  • FMJ-Simba
    FMJ-Simba  1 months ago

    I can never get enough of max and Stephen going back and forth 😂

  • Luke Sparkman
    Luke Sparkman  1 months ago

    Both made good comments

  • Nate Lewis
    Nate Lewis  1 months ago

    SAS needs to chill. D Wade was near the end of his prime when they linked up. By the 3rd year together d Wade couldn’t even play back to backs and was injury prone.

  • YouAwakeYet
    YouAwakeYet  1 months ago +2

    You'll do no such thing

    -2019 Max Kellerman