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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 12, 2020
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    idk why i did this


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  • Sophy Sophy
    Sophy Sophy  2 hours ago +1

    To be honest it’s not the WORST video but like not her best tho ,.. it’s only 10 minutes long ): ...I think in other videos and in all her older video she put more energy in the videos and there were like 25-30 minutes long and very entertaining!
    In my option it’s not the worst video but there are videos which are a little bit better (:

  • rafli zachery
    rafli zachery  3 hours ago +1

    Literally what is all the drama surrounding this vid it’s not that serious lll

  • alexa k
    alexa k  4 hours ago

    Ummm yea she didn’t even put bleach on her hair . This is a sponsored video

  • ༄ XᎾXᎾ KᏟ ༄

    y'all i'm pretty sure when she said "worst video ever" she was referring to the dislikes lmfao.

  • Say San
    Say San  4 hours ago

    I bleach my hair at hair salon, they bleach it twice and my hair still dark

  • Полина Мезенцева

    Помогите найти таких же блогеров как она😫

  • matty
    matty  10 hours ago

    I love u emmaaaaa❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anastasia Alexander
    Anastasia Alexander  13 hours ago

    Why tho?

  • Darion Del Val
    Darion Del Val  15 hours ago

    Honestly glad she didn't dye her hair I can't stand the whole "Oh I'm dying my hair because I'm having a breakdown" sh*t. Like grow up and get some therapy lol. Shout out to you Emma for actually being smart about this 💀

  • melissa david
    melissa david  17 hours ago

    Take a shower dumb a**

  • AJ Agnew
    AJ Agnew  18 hours ago

    Can someone explain how this is the worst video ever

  • Jeemaeca Canizar
    Jeemaeca Canizar  18 hours ago

    bruh there is SOO much dislikes O.O

  • honest kvo
    honest kvo  20 hours ago

    OMG... I love you

  • Sierra
    Sierra  20 hours ago

    Emma: "something inside me is telling me to STOP"
    Me: "you're conscious"

  • Sydney Kleinhans
    Sydney Kleinhans  21 hours ago

    I used that same bleach

  • Anna Perez
    Anna Perez  21 hours ago +1

    Did the SAME thing last night to my hair. DIDN’T WORK FOR ME EITHER IM SO UPSET!!! I KEPT IT ON FOR 2 HOURS

  • Molly ann Furey
    Molly ann Furey  22 hours ago

    How old are you

    HESSA ADEL  yesterday

    Well it’s Emma so it’s expected why all of this drama god grow up people I mean the HATERS only

  • Isabella Trimborn

    brad mondo wya

  • Savanna Strunk
    Savanna Strunk  yesterday

    Emma nervously cleaning her bathroom counter while she was explaining her anxiety is a mood