Brock Turner DENIED, James Charles Money Backlash, & Sinclair Tribune Merger Cancellation Explained

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Happy Thursday! Let’s talk about some newsy type stuff…
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    Convicted Sex Offender Brock Turner Loses Appeal:

    James Charles Complains About Not Being Paid Enough:

    Holy Fire Suspect Arrested:

    Giuliani’s Comments About Mueller:

    Sinclair and Tribune Merger Falls Apart:
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  2 months ago +1288

    Hope you enjoyed today's vid. Gotta go jump into Friday Show! See ya back here tomorrow. <3
    Brock Turner (00:06), James Charles (2:00), TIA (4:58), Holy Fire Update (6:45), Trump/Mueller (10:59), Sinclair/Tribune (12:49)

    • Shawn Wesson
      Shawn Wesson  1 months ago

      Philip DeFranco 5:52 Shameless plug for hookup? Hahahahaha I don’t blame ya

    • Ana B
      Ana B  1 months ago

      Philip thank you for subtitles! <3

    • Saltypersians
      Saltypersians  1 months ago

      Philip DeFranco s

    • Nspnspker
      Nspnspker  2 months ago

      Hayden Van Meeteren Ah, ok. I was just curious cause I really didn't expect to find any AIU watchers in Phil's audience... you know... the people here are rather... "blue pilled".. for lack of a better term.

    • Hayden Van Meeteren
      Hayden Van Meeteren  2 months ago

      Huschibaba did I find AIU through the Brock Turner stuff? No. I found him through an anti feminist video he did when I was researching about the wage gap that didn't seem to be evident.

  • Akari A
    Akari A  8 days ago

    When I watch this show, I get more info than I do when I watch CNN 10. Good job my dude! You teach me more than the video series my school shows me.. I WILL WRITE A PETITION TO HAVE CLASSES WATCH THIS INSTEAD OF CNN 10.. or just keep the NOWLAWDGE to myself. Wow this was a confusing word soup..

  • Joe Button
    Joe Button  22 days ago

    James Charles, I don’t know what to say but I won’t watch him anymore, pretty sure I won’t make a difference

  • Destinee Harbin
    Destinee Harbin  25 days ago

    That secret long was the best thing I’ve ever seen

  • Xenre Lavague
    Xenre Lavague  29 days ago

    The EMT licensing board actually has no problem with people with a criminal record. It's WHAT you were in for that they look at. They usually turn away, on spec, people with violent offenses (rape, assault, murder) or people with drug offenses BUT a caveat to that is it depends on what your drug offense was. They will flat out deny people with prescription drug addictions and harsh drugs such as heroine, crack/cocaine, and meth.
    While that does narrow the field, it doesn't preclude you HAVING a record, it just greatly depends on what your crime was.

  • John Brown
    John Brown  29 days ago

    1:28-1:58 This always fills me with joy to watch.

    BECCA ROBICHAUD  1 months ago

    yesssss do it phil

  • Tawnya Vandeventer
    Tawnya Vandeventer  1 months ago

    My husband is a convicted felon... it's been 6 years since his conviction and he has never reoffended... his charges were minuscule drug related charges such as crossing state lines with marijuana and containing used paraphernalia (which is a felony in 1 of the 2 states)... he has had to get work working for a very shady business an hour away from our home on an evening shift just to earn a pay check and our home had to be in my name because no one will rent to a convicted felon... I know that we have it incredibly well in comparison to most convicted felons... it is not fair the way people who have served their time and rehabilitated themselves are treated... we cant go to Canada to visit his family and couldn't/cant go on a honeymoon outside of the USA until 10 years after his conviction... it is bizarre to me that people don't see any problems with our justice/prison systems!

  • Mozadek Yasher
    Mozadek Yasher  1 months ago

    dry humping is what he's in jail for???!

  • Khor Ba
    Khor Ba  1 months ago

    I hope that rapist never gets a job and ends up on the streets.

  • Christi Marie
    Christi Marie  1 months ago

    This was one of the first newsletter articles I read after starting work in a Title IX office. I immediately was like, "Oh snap, what does Phil have to say about this??" Outercourse? Don't be ridiculous.

  • Latrice Niang
    Latrice Niang  1 months ago

    1:29 omg phil you are my spirit animal

  • Forrest L
    Forrest L  1 months ago

    am i the only one confused?? that's a dude????

  • Lauren Mackenzie
    Lauren Mackenzie  1 months ago

    Philip I'm kind of in love with your journalism. Your channel is giving me life.

  • hannah simon
    hannah simon  1 months ago

    Why did he keep repeating ‘convicted sex offender’ before he said the person’s name

  • Allison
    Allison  1 months ago

    James is so pretty

  • James McGuire
    James McGuire  1 months ago

    Smashed that like button simply because Phil covered that Sex Offender Turner update SO DAM WELL! 🔥

  • standardbp
    standardbp  1 months ago

    So in the Forrest Gordon Clark video of him coming out of the rubble holding up money. What he says is "I had 15 one hundred trillion DINAR NOTES stolen from me" to the average person this sounds ridiculous. But Dinar notes is the Iraqi currency... and it's huge scam! So to someone that believes in the scam they will be outraged to find that someone has stolen their goldmine! But in reality what they have is nothing but pocket money.
    The principal behind the scam is you can exchange your 1,000(u.s. dollars) for 1,000,000(dinar notes) and "the iraqi government is in the works to re-valuate the dinar note equaling the value of a u.s. dollar when that happens you can then re-exchange your money and then what was once 1,000 u.s. dollars is now 1,000,000 u.s. dollars"... The problem is... this is never going to happen and in the nearly 3 decades that the scammers have said it was going to happen... Well... you guessed it! IT NEVER HAPPENED! The best the iraqi government would do is re-denominate the note meaning the notes will just move decimal places. So that 50,000 dinar note will now be a 50 dinar note also equal to 50 u.s. dollars. So when you go to re-exchange your money your 1,000,000 dinar notes will just re exchange back to 1,000 u.s. dollars. The other problem is THIS isn''t even likely too happen! From my understanding the Dinar is so volatile that even the Iraqi citizens don't use it! So essentially all you have is a cool looking piece of paper.
    Now after all of this you may be asking yourself "Where is the scam? And how are scammers making money off of this?" They open currency exchange businesses or are the third party in your exchange they will make money by charging you exchange rates. You exchange for the dinar and they will make money. You re-exchange for your u.s. dollars and they make money.
    The other point where they make money is their "special dinar newsletter" websites that they tell you to check in on everyday for updates for their exclusive insider information. If you actually go to these websites you will see how low maintenance they are and ad filled they are. So basically they make money from hosting these ads on their dog shit new millennium websites. The more views(web traffic) they have the more an advertiser will pay.

    • standardbp
      standardbp  1 months ago

      If you're wondering how I know so much about this it's because a couple years ago when I was 18 years old I fell into this scam due to a friend and his family being so heavily invested in it($10,000 U.S. worth) telling my gullible ass I should just at least put $100 in... so I did. Fast forward to a year ago 23 years old I asked about it and they were saying the exact same things as the day they told me about it "The dinar gurus say it's going to happen any day now" at this point I was now extremely skeptical and decided to actually look into and in a couple of hours I figured out how it was such absolute bullshit and I finally knew the truth and was able to pick apart every shitty "fact" my fathers friend had told me when I was 18 and was still spouting as gospel(as do the "dinar gurus") and I came to him with the truths and he was extremely livid laughed a little bit and said to me "You're a f***ing idiot and know nothing about dinar" and you know what I was understanding of his anger because when you're 50 years old and are living paycheck to paycheck with $10,000 you inherited and essentially blew all in one go for this scam... anyone would be mad to hear that their one way out is all bullshit.
      It's actually pretty ridiculous as to how easy it was to research how it's a scam. And no one should be falling for this but unfortunately they do.
      SOOOOOOOOOO.... All in all in context Forrest Gordon Clark being outraged about his Dinar notes being stollen makes "sense" and isn't too crazy. But that being said... he''s definitely off.

  • Kallista Shortland
    Kallista Shortland  1 months ago

    I grew up in an area where many of the fire departments were volunteer. The departments have a budget, and receive tax money to run, but the actual firefighters are mostly volunteers, and not prisoners. The do not get paid.

  • Sarah Morrison
    Sarah Morrison  1 months ago

    I wish I didn't work the FCC but I do. Sigh. My job is good though, I do good things. So it weighs itself out.