Trying $1 Makeup From Wish

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 31, 2018
  • So back in February I decided to follow up my other explorations of the Wish site with a deep dive into their inexpensive & counterfeit makeup.... little did I know it would take me until May to actually get all of it! I bought a full face of cheap makeup from Wish to see what it would be like, and also stumbled upon a few fake makeup items like fake Fenty foundation and fake CoverFX highlighter! What do you think? Have you tried Wish makeup?

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  a years ago +15006

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i ordered a full face of makeup from wish back in FEBRUARY and yes now its may and the video is finally finished - brace yourselves for the japan videos which start next week!! xoxo, saf EDIT: ALSO THANK U SO MUCH FOR 5 MILLION!!! does this mean i have to get a tattoo now?? hehe...

  • Rosalína Mangino
    Rosalína Mangino  12 hours ago

    0:03 lol

  • kahlanisntyetis


  • Kathleen Hake
    Kathleen Hake  yesterday

    You should do buying wish jewelry, I have been wanting to buy some but I have been to nervous to actually buy it

  • Natalie Pieterman
    Natalie Pieterman  yesterday +1

    I appreciate the fact that she used Cards Against Humanity to put her mirror on

  • Rahma Wahid
    Rahma Wahid  3 days ago

    The focallure palettes are actually really good I used them and I love them

  • Tuva Albertsen
    Tuva Albertsen  4 days ago

    7:44 🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • Cara 2
    Cara 2  4 days ago

    does anyone other than Saf actually use wish

  • Leticia moura
    Leticia moura  4 days ago +6

    Brasileiros e americanos, estou tentando comprar um mini estúdio fotografico, vocês podem me ajudar ? É só fazer qualquer primeira compra com esse cupom: sfmtkfy eu ganho 9 reais e vocês ganham até 50% de desconto. Desde já agradeço.

  • Crystal Hart
    Crystal Hart  5 days ago

    This is Safiya’s Neyas intro song

  • John Neeson
    John Neeson  5 days ago

    I love this. I love watching g you purchase wish items. It's funny how much they rip off items

  • Lushmango 786
    Lushmango 786  6 days ago

    The comments are fake in the products the names are all simple and common

  • Naomi Morris
    Naomi Morris  6 days ago +8

    “The tip gets a bit flaccid if you pull it the wrong way”

    Don’t they all

  • Snoodle Dumpling
    Snoodle Dumpling  7 days ago

    Weird that they pictured Evpct brand liquid eyeliner but sent you Miss Rose brand liquid eyeliner. On the plus side, both are legitimate brands & not knock-offs. It's just that Miss Rose is only available in Pakistan.
    Okay, I am assuming they're legitimate brands because I can find obviously cheaper knock-offs all over that claim to be them but aren't anything like the packaging for the stuff on their actual websites. People wouldn't be selling cheaper knock-offs of a cheaper knock-off brand, right?

  • Cute Boots
    Cute Boots  7 days ago

    you should be sispishus, i found that the website says they hde the bad revuse

  • Faithlynn Unni
    Faithlynn Unni  7 days ago

    When you write a review on Wish they have to approve it before it goes up. I have ran into this problem myself where I wrote that a shirt I had purchased was nothing like the photos and they took it down.

  • Limited Kayla
    Limited Kayla  7 days ago

    I got it for free. Its horrible. lmao

  • Erza Scarlett
    Erza Scarlett  7 days ago

    Safiya! Please try AliExpress! Like real please.

  • Jack Valiton
    Jack Valiton  7 days ago

    i have watched this video over ten times

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    The best part of all your reviews is the scent profiles. You should really do a wine fragrance review.