Mowing an overgrown woods road

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 27, 2019
  • Using a skid steer mower to widen up a woods road that was being over grown with pine trees.



  • Aphonopelma
    Aphonopelma  2 days ago

    I find this so satisfying

  • Cole, Haas
    Cole, Haas  3 days ago


  • Cole, Haas
    Cole, Haas  3 days ago


  • Cole, Haas
    Cole, Haas  3 days ago


  • MotorJoe
    MotorJoe  3 days ago

    Def could use one of these for my land.

  • JasmineLindros
    JasmineLindros  3 days ago

    Always interesting to see how the other half lives.

  • Mike L
    Mike L  5 days ago

    thats the coolest weedeater ive ever seen

  • James G
    James G  5 days ago

    Holy crap that mower blade is no-joke.

  • Here Now
    Here Now  7 days ago

    What a fantastic bit of kit.
    I wonder what the blade was like after mowing those rocks ?

  • Fernand Gamboa
    Fernand Gamboa  7 days ago

    Having an enclosed cabin wouldn't hurt or one of this days we will watch a video of someone getting impaled while mowing down trees

  • Evan Roach
    Evan Roach  7 days ago

    Right job, wrong tool. Just want to point this out. There are attachments that are purpose built to do this exact job. Using an oversized brush hog is reckless. Especially without a door on your cab. I’m not normally a safely advocate but this is just plain stupid.

  • zack brown
    zack brown  7 days ago

    What drone is it that you use for your aerial shots

  • dayyou
    dayyou  7 days ago

    Man where is this? Such a beautiful shot at the end. Very dense woodlands

  • Dencil Dean
    Dencil Dean  14 days ago

    Man that thing is a D.8 bulldozer what is the name of it ?

    all the way from beautiful
    Nassau, bahamas 🇧🇸

  • MelbGurl3162
    MelbGurl3162  14 days ago

    That Bobcat and mower unit makes short work of those small diameter tree's lol
    Like they were nothing.

  • scaryjug
    scaryjug  14 days ago

    Not trying to beat a dead horse here. There are multiple comments about the lack of a demolition door etc. Trust me, I spent hundreds of hours brush clearing utility transmission lines with similar equipment. Fecon, ambusher, timberaxe and many other manufacturers. This is no joke get the proper safety equipment. I lost a co worker in the seat of a skid steer who chose to operate without one. My first comment on youtube ever if it means anything.

  • Dan Case
    Dan Case  14 days ago

    This is my fav one yet!

  • Tamaite
    Tamaite  14 days ago

    I'm guessing that the videos of Andrews without ads are the ones that have been flagged as dangerous

  • theholytoast
    theholytoast  14 days ago

    that pond surprised me. i guess you knew it was there but i didn't see it until you'd kind of almost fallen in it.

  • Seth no
    Seth no  14 days ago

    Man you really need to get a FOPS cage for that thing. And front door. So dangerous to not have those.