How Coraline Could Have Been CREEPIER

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 2, 2019
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    Who DOESN'T love Coraline? I sure do! I've been thinking that it was not as creepy as I remember, so I had a look back at the book and... yep! This movie could have been one heck of a lot creepier! Join me as I compare the book and movie in an animated tale of unchecked creepiness. We look at alternative Other Mothers with dark pasts, scary minions, rich decaying descriptions, twisted timelines, and so so much more. Watch if you dare!

    Voiceover editing by ► @HeyZKay (Twitter)

    "Waltz of Treachery, Malicious, Floating Cities, and Unholy Knight" Kevin MacLeod (
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  • Itz_Pennywise The dancing clown

    OMG, I just realized that in the beginning, Coraline has a yellow raincoat and later on in the film she gets lured by her other mother, which is the same species as Pennywise when he killed georgie.

  • Gama Dragon
    Gama Dragon  5 hours ago

    Well, i have two pets rats at home xd

  • Wolfboi 96 Gaming
    Wolfboi 96 Gaming  5 hours ago


  • Isabelle The Trashbag
    Isabelle The Trashbag  13 hours ago +1

    Hewo! I watched the Coraline movie when I was maybe 3/4 years old? I was really young but I remember that. I. LOVED. IT. My older sister that was 7 or 6 at the time had nightmares for months. Some may say that I have irresponsible parents but I disagree.
    I was just so fascinated.
    Now I’m 12 and I’m still so happy I watched it.

  • PanDUHH the paw
    PanDUHH the paw  15 hours ago

    Growing as a kid.. I always remember myself watching coraline 34 times a week.. Because that's the only movie cartoons we have in our house... So in my head everything in that movie was normal.. I used to believe that all of us in this world has an other mother.. And this world has a new better version or side.. But when I got older.. I realized that almost all of the people who have watched coraline have been creeped out.. I didn't realized it up until I watched this youtube video and have done my research and read all the creepy facts about this movie.. And in our school we made a documentary about a movie we all loved as a kid.. And all of my classmates are in shock when I did mentioned coraline as my favorite movie.. The fact that most of them are scared and creeped out after they've watch the movie..

  • Ruby Whiley
    Ruby Whiley  yesterday

    I’m a nine year old and I ways not scared!

  • Rosie The rabbit tamer

    They kept her in to make her happy to lure her duh she wanted to eat her so she wouldn’t die the
    Arts why she didn’t make corroline so unsettled until she was desperate

  • Rosie The rabbit tamer

    I would rather the movie because they worked hard on it and some people can’t see images in there head so I’d rather the movie

  • Miss Fluffy
    Miss Fluffy  2 days ago

    We talk about the Fact that she didnt found her Own Doll at the end?

  • El Catrin C
    El Catrin C  2 days ago

    What do you mean it could have been worse? i already had nightmares

  • Cheese Styx
    Cheese Styx  3 days ago

    I love both the book and the movie.

  • Premiko Neko
    Premiko Neko  3 days ago

    I remember the time I read Coraline, I have difficulty to sleep.i'm just a little kid, and this book gave me a nightmare.

  • Emiliano Espino
    Emiliano Espino  3 days ago

    Crazy creepy 😱

    RTEVPP  3 days ago

    Because it was too creepy for the kittens so it wasn't in the movie but some of it should have been in the movie

  • The political gun nut

    No joke I used to sleep with an SMLE MK III bayonet at night when I was a kid because this film had me convinced there were witches in the walls

  • Joe
    Joe  6 days ago

    I don't know how people found the movie scary.... I found it kinda weird but not THAT scary. One of my friends said it should be a 15 (R rating in America)..... I personally don't see it.

  • Eon Karitori-ki
    Eon Karitori-ki  6 days ago

    I love creepy. I love the movie and graphic novel. Can I find the book at my local library?

  • Shadowgirl 14
    Shadowgirl 14  7 days ago

    The mice in coraline are gerbils

  • XNinja2009YT - daily videos

    The book coralline is freaky as hecc

  • Rain Longhurst
    Rain Longhurst  7 days ago

    Tbh the movie would have been insane and awesome if it was like the book