How Coraline Could Have Been CREEPIER

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 2, 2019
  • Subscribe for more animations! ► CREEPIEST Dating Tales! ► Dumbest Halloween Costume Ever! ► DOESN'T love Coraline? I sure do! I've been thinking that it was not as creepy as I remember, so I had a look back at the book and... yep! This movie could have been one heck of a lot creepier! Join me as I compare the book and movie in an animated tale of unchecked creepiness. We look at alternative Other Mothers with dark pasts, scary minions, rich decaying descriptions, twisted timelines, and so so much more. Watch if you dare!Voiceover editing by ► @HeyZKay (Twitter) "Waltz of Treachery, Malicious, Floating Cities, and Unholy Knight" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License #YouTubeAnimation #Animation #CoralineTheory #StorytimeAnimation


  • Judit Ginzboorg
    Judit Ginzboorg  1 months ago +9287

    I like the dolls spying on the children more than the rats, because as kids we trust our toys and they give us comfort. That's why them being someone's spies creeped me out.

  • Slimeustas
    Slimeustas  14 days ago +1960

    Movie - Slow burn creep
    Book - Straight up horror movie

  • Trevor Farrell
    Trevor Farrell  14 days ago +632

    "Is that instant coffee? Terrifying!"
    stares down at my own cup of instant coffee with shame

  • The Lost shadow
    The Lost shadow  21 days ago +974

    Me in 3 am sees this video
    this isnt that good of a comment you know

  • Queen Galaxtical
    Queen Galaxtical  14 days ago +532

    Holy frick after watching Coraline when I was like 7, I literally found a key with a large black dot on the end, and it lead to a small door in my grandmas house. It was to the attic, which had rats living in it, and I was convinced that I was Coraline.
    Edit: I open the door, but there was nothing but the attic ;-; Imma try again
    Edit 2: Went back to her house, and she removed the lock! She still has the key, but now it’s not as cool ;-;

  • Meagan Crowley
    Meagan Crowley  1 months ago +13276

    So what ur saying is Coraline would have made a great rpg horror game.

  • Nugget
    Nugget  14 days ago +486

    We're rats
    We're the rats
    We prey at night, we stalk at night,
    We're the rats
    "Im the giant rat, that makes all of the rules!"
    Let's see what kinda trouble we can get ourselves into!

  • Rory Glory
    Rory Glory  14 days ago +634

    2020: "Coraline Life-Action"
    if they make a life action I want it to be horror

  • Stay positive
    Stay positive  14 days ago +170

    So basically...they made Coroline a kids movie when they could have made it a horror movie😂

  • Th3_S4lty_F0x
    Th3_S4lty_F0x  7 days ago +69

    Child: goes through door
    Belldam: Hippity Hopitty your eyes are now my property.

  • Ghosty
    Ghosty  1 months ago +5415

    Honestly, the cat gave me comfort when watching it. Even when Coraline was in the real world, it didn’t give me much ease due to how creepy the other characters are.

  • Battle Saw
    Battle Saw  14 days ago +502

    "How to make Coraline creepier"
    Have Tim Burton make it

  • ugh disaster
    ugh disaster  7 days ago +119

    tell me how wasn't I scared of this movie at age 8, and now I am please

  • WolfyRed
    WolfyRed  7 days ago +139

    What everyone else sees: "How Coraline Could Have Been CREEPIER"
    What I, an intellectual, sees: "How Coraline Could Have Been CREEPER"
    Aw man,,

  • Amethyst girl
    Amethyst girl  14 days ago +164

    "Rats, ma--"
    Ad: He looks at persephone...SHE'S THICC
    Me: k.

  • Lydia L
    Lydia L  21 days ago +143

    No one at all:
    Not a single person:
    Coraline: bread dough

  • Angie Feria
    Angie Feria  14 days ago +66

    Now I want the book, Coraline is one of my favorite movies and I really enjoy creepy things

  • Onion Boi
    Onion Boi  14 days ago +82

    Wish someone would make a 100% book accurate version of the movie

  • TL_Badtimez
    TL_Badtimez  21 days ago +143

    i thought this said how coraline could have been a CREEPER

  • Rose Tea
    Rose Tea  1 months ago +3719

    I liked movie Coraline because it gave the watcher a false sense of security with small things off about the world