Top 10 NHL Shootout Goals of All-Time

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 31, 2018
  • Since the NHL lockout presented us with the shootout there has been a plethora of unique and awesome goals. Take a look at the top-10 shootout goals of all-time.---------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Sportsnet on YouTube - for more sports news and highlights - Follow Sportsnet on Facebook - Sportsnet on Twitter - Sportsnet on Instagram - Sportsnet on Snapchat - Sportsnet on Sportsnet Now -


  • SPORTSNET  3 months ago

    You asked for it. Top-10 Datsyuk Highlights

  • SchulzEricT  8 days ago

    So when Giroux does it, it's 8; when Datsyuk does it, 2?Also, Crosby's basic forehand-to-backhand move at 10? And no Matt Hendricks at all? I mean... how obvious is it that Crosby's should've been displaced by Hendricks paralyzer vs Boston? (It's the 3rd one; any of the first three are clearly superior to Crosby's basic move... but then again, how hard is it to find a shootout move more highlight-reel worthy than that Crosby move?)

  • Iraq Lobsta!! 45  12 days ago

    @Mick Resistor Eat a thousand dicks and choke on the last one lol

  • Bobbys Dad  9 months ago

    I'm a simple man, I see Datsyuk I watch

  • Mikko Pentti  5 days ago


  • Sachin Gill  9 months ago

    There could very well have been 10 Datsyuk highlights

  • Sachin Gill fr

  • Janet Rivera lopez  2 months ago

    @Kiker88 it is cool

  • evan  9 months ago

    Mike Ribiero must have been on so much coke to have tried those dekes lol

  • Console MonsterX  9 days ago

    @Jahn Van Sohn Yes. He has a nasty coke habit. What do you think happened to him?

  • Vesh  3 months ago

    evan LMAO

  • They're all good but Datsyuk is on another level.

  • Maestör Rasanen  3 days ago

    What a datsyukian deke!

  • TugIronChief  6 days ago

    Datsyuk single handedly carried the Red-wings for about four years. When he left, they struggled. We are slowly rebuilding and may do pretty well this season, lots of good young players now. There is talk Pavel may return to Detroit, I sure hope so. Pavel is undoubtedly the most talented player ever in the NHL.

  • Keldon Lemon  9 months ago

    I miss Datsyuk so much. Best player to play the game and so humble

  • Duncan MacLeod  10 days ago

    @Know How :(

  • matthew yonkman  20 days ago

    Datsyuk was the undisputed king of the shootout

  • NijaBoiTellEm  9 months ago

    Just do a Top 10 for Datsyuk and call it a day.

  • TR L  3 months ago

    I am 36, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. yes the Russian 5 was amazing to watching and their skill level was unmatched but Even Fedorov could not out skill Paval. I am sorry.

  • Ed Dee  6 months ago

    I remember the Russian 5 well but dont think any of them compare to. The magic man#13 his skills were just unmatched.

  • Justin Walker  9 months ago

    suprised barkov hasnt made the list yet

  • He's smooth. Has he ever scored a shootout goal with his forehand?

  • Trickynicky B  9 months ago

    No Barkov ???

  • Luukas Saarnio  5 days ago

    @KevinKnox Playlist I don't really get your point here. He might just use the same move a lot, that doesn't mean he doesn't have highlight reel penalty shots. Have you actually ever looked at his highlight shots? A lot of them are much better than the ones in this video.