We Went to Taiwan to Make a Bike from the Future (and Actually Did) - The Grim Donut

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 13, 2020
  • Bike brands love to throw around "game changing" and "paradigm shifting" with each new release. But evolution is slow and bikes are usually just a few millimetres longer and a touch slacker every product cycle.

    We've joked before about extrapolating where mountain bike development *might be* going in the future, but this year we decided to find out for real. We sent Mike Levy to Taiwan with a wild idea, to see if we could get it made.

    What happens when a joke becomes reality? You call it the Grim Donut.

    Created by:
    Brian Park & Jason Lucas

    Produced & Directed by:
    Jason Lucas

    Additional Footage by:
    Chris Ricci & Max Barron

    Mike Levy, Mike Kazimer, Yoann Barelli, Cesar Rojo, Dave Weagle, Calvin Lin

    Special Thanks:
    Genio Bikes, Taipei Cycle Show, TAITRA, ASTRO, A-Mega, APRO, Waki Designs, Chris Cocalis at Pivot Cycles, Duncan Riffle at SRAM, Connor Bondlow at e*Thirteen, Sam Richards at OneUp Components, Cody Philips, TRP Brakes, The Aava Whistler Hotel, Nick Morgan at Corsa Cycles, Karl & Radek Burkat

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  • Josh Aguilar
    Josh Aguilar  an hour ago

    When will we see next part?

  • Dan Evans
    Dan Evans  3 hours ago

    So THIS is what happened to Sick Bike Co.

  • thebadness
    thebadness  8 hours ago

    10 days. Where's part 2?

  • Bartosz Banachewicz

    With that steering head angle and consequently, absurdly long wheelbase, this must be really hard to turn.

  • Ludvig Ylisuvanto

    "And come up with a 100k$"
    add starts playing

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones  yesterday

    Well that's the end of this bike firm,

  • RoyMcAvoy
    RoyMcAvoy  yesterday

    Futuristic? Bitch please. E-bike is the future

    RHETTIRO  yesterday

    I’m so glad that this video exists with that budget.

  • sham8723
    sham8723  yesterday

    Needs a 31" front wheel.... better rollover.

  • kainpwnsu
    kainpwnsu  2 days ago

    That poor fork and headset... It's inhumane!

  • Hadley Robertson
    Hadley Robertson  2 days ago

    When's this being continued? It s absolutely brilliant!

  • Goran Skok
    Goran Skok  2 days ago

    The only future tech we NEED is an integrated deraileur and a belt drive.

  • Bean
    Bean  2 days ago

    what a waste

  • Darien Rodriguez
    Darien Rodriguez  2 days ago

    You mentioned a lot the lack of engineering resources. I was thinking would it be easier a rider himself was an engineer. The physics and maybe part of the know -how would be alredy with he ?

  • rcpilot
    rcpilot  2 days ago

    Is part 2 out yet ? 🤞

  • MusicManMTB
    MusicManMTB  2 days ago

    I spy some Tannus Armour inserts at about the 12:20 mark hanging on a hook on the wall. Nice! Throw those puppies on that futuristic bike!

  • Dustin Baxter
    Dustin Baxter  2 days ago

    0:43 to 0:47 that's a lot of doughnut to just vanish in 5 seconds! Bro loves his doughnuts lol

  • DogeGamer YT
    DogeGamer YT  2 days ago

    Where i can buy it

  • Alex Bremer DH
    Alex Bremer DH  2 days ago

    I really like the design, but this 57 degree angle is to much for me. Would better like one with adjusable geometry with 60 to 63 degree😅

  • Armand Utan
    Armand Utan  3 days ago

    At least he came back with a bike