Can Lost Twins Find Each Other Without Communicating?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 7, 2019
  • We believe that we have twin telepathy so we put ourselves through a series of tests to try to prove it.. including getting lost in the woods and trying to find each other with no form of communication AHHHHSUBSCRIBE - Week's Video - - https://dolantwins.comEthan’s StuffINSTAGRAM - - - EthanDolanGrayson’s ThingsINSTAGRAM - - - GraysonDolanCheck out Wyatt's work! - out Daniel's Art! -


  • Shosh
    Shosh  3 months ago +16738

    Who wants the Dolan twins to do an escape room! Make this a top like so they see it and do it!!!!

  • Cry Bhabie
    Cry Bhabie  2 months ago +5855

    "I should've known you wanted a burrito, look at you"

  • Kyvonya Bradley
    Kyvonya Bradley  2 months ago +3609

    I want them to collab with Cole and Dylan Sprouse, the idea Just popped up in my head😂

  • ha ha
    ha ha  1 months ago +494

    E was so hype the whole video he WHOLEHEARTEDLY believes in telepathy

  • kk rayne
    kk rayne  2 months ago +2502

    2015 me: They are so identical!!
    2019 me: Are they even twins...

  • allie watson
    allie watson  3 months ago +5593

    the last digit of ur like is who ur bestfriend is
    1- ethan
    2- grayson
    3- ethan
    4- grayson
    5- ethan
    6- grayson
    7- ethan
    8- grayson
    9- ethan
    0- both

  • jennifer N
    jennifer N  2 months ago +5065

    imagine being 19 and having enough money to blindly spend $25,000-$50,000 on a painting😭

  • Brylee Peoples
    Brylee Peoples  2 months ago +1520

    Ethan trying to tell a story:
    Grayson: I was under the leaves :)

  • Maya Varma-Wilson
    Maya Varma-Wilson  2 months ago +1106

    ”grayson’s also pretty bad at counting and stuff so maybe he made more than five turns”

  • Nuhkya Smith
    Nuhkya Smith  2 months ago +2574

    This is how many people love Ethan

  • RebeccaG VlogsAndFun
    RebeccaG VlogsAndFun  3 months ago +10496

    This is how many people love Ethan and Grayson

  • Dawn Merry
    Dawn Merry  21 days ago +269

    This is how many people love Grayson

  • Mari Hannah
    Mari Hannah  2 months ago +316

    Grayson:In the middle of talking
    Ethan:*Drinks water and swishes it in mouth*
    Grayson:*Shook face*I don't do that when speak

  • Lacey Bobruk
    Lacey Bobruk  2 months ago +590

    Ethan: grayson and I have never been separated in our lives
    Me: 🤨🤔incorrect
    Dolan twins 2 years ago: "a week without each other"

  • Nicole Wang
    Nicole Wang  1 months ago +143

    Grayson can be a model😂😂
    Like if u agree

  • TwentyØnePøtatøs
    TwentyØnePøtatøs  3 months ago +10419

    Use me as proof you were here before 10 Million!

  • love you
    love you  2 months ago +362

    "I just think it made the goose stand up on my bumps. " -Ethan Dolan 2019
    (I was cracking up for way too long!🤣🤣🤣)

  • F Colli
    F Colli  1 months ago +156

    No one:
    Literally nobody:
    Not a single soul:
    E in the art gallery: “i HaVe TaTtOoS”

  • Emily Eddington
    Emily Eddington  2 months ago +242

    E: identical twins were once one little bean
    Me: YaLl ArE sTiLl LiTtLe BeAnS 🥰😂

  • Skyann Austin
    Skyann Austin  14 days ago +252

    Who's here after watching Brooklyn & Bailey's twin telepathy challenge??