Finding my new girlfriend

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 4, 2018
  • My current girlfriend needs to immediately be re-casted if I ever want to have a long and fruitful career on YouTube.

    ▸ Girls auditioning
    Q Anderson, Maw Kitty, Aneta Kernova, & Lauren Francesca

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    I must also not forget to thank Joe Hodorowicz for helping with production on this bad boy. And of course thank YOU for watching and supporting this thing I do.

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  • AnthonyPadilla
    AnthonyPadilla  a years ago +1139

    thank you so much for pressing a like and helping me get the video on the trending page so i can have a long and fruitful career that doesn’t consist of me living in my mom’s basement ❤️

    CTSSTC  21 days ago

    Thanks for taking these career hazard risks for our enjoyment.
    You almost got grannied, licked, or ,,, I don't even know what was about to happen there 😨😳

    CTSSTC  21 days ago

    1:11 I would have just ran and hid behind the couch like a scared pupper

    ANIMATION S  4 months ago

    Damn that girl with overalls is aggressive lol😂😂

  • EJBlast762
    EJBlast762  6 months ago

    Aneta is my favorite

  • Ralph Donn
    Ralph Donn  7 months ago

    A black lady was all weird

  • Plebs Teb
    Plebs Teb  8 months ago


  • Bladewolf505
    Bladewolf505  9 months ago

    so is Anthony still with miel?

  • Kelvin
    Kelvin  10 months ago

    Im not gonna lie.the old lady was fucking hilarious

  • Bawse Yoda
    Bawse Yoda  11 months ago

    When she smelled your crotch I laughed so hard

  • Fap and Nap
    Fap and Nap  a years ago

    I woulda chosen the black girl. You can tell she freaky ;)

  • Valentin l
    Valentin l  a years ago

    I really wanna become the Grandma one day

  • Evanescence29
    Evanescence29  a years ago

    2:40 omg that is my line right there

  • Chantizzle
    Chantizzle  a years ago

    Look at you hopeless romantic! That's just a bunch of "Chantizzle's" just different forms 😡 but i have no views 😂

  • Ivan Gamer
    Ivan Gamer  a years ago +1


  • Sami Poole
    Sami Poole  a years ago

    okay anthony i see you getting all them

    why am i 4 months late

  • Jenny Nelson
    Jenny Nelson  a years ago

    the audition part was so cringy

  • Garima Sailo
    Garima Sailo  a years ago

    I really lol bcoz of YouTube vines for the 1st time

  • Chef
    Chef  a years ago +1

    what in the hell are you wearing anthony you look like a women in her mid forties teaching english

  • DiamondThief 1
    DiamondThief 1  a years ago

    The granny is the best.