Game of Thrones: Why Daenerys Was Cersei All Along - Two Sides of the Same Queen

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 17, 2019
  • Go to and use code thetake to get 75% off a 3-year plan. Protect yourself online today! | As it turns out, Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister are two sides of the same queen all along, even if they start out essentially as opposites. The final showdown between these two queens has always been the endgame, and their conflict reveals the true message about Game of Thrones. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon: The Take on Instagram:, Twitter:, and Facebook: are The Take (formerly ScreenPrism).


  • The Take  1 months ago

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  • pplr1  8 days ago

    I have to call bs on a lot of things in this video. I watched the whole thing and it deserves a thumbs down by the end. I noted some reasons and about when they pop up in the video.The video seems to be confused by saying both do __ when “inverse” is the opposite. It starts recognizing their differences and then tries to pretend they are the same. Problem is that is not true.Daenerys freed many slaves, how many did Cersei?4:40-recognizes Daenerys freed people while Cersei oppressed.Also r...

  • algogy  29 days ago

    They are not the same queen. Cersei is more reasonable, she kills her opponents, for revenge, for power. Her father killed for political reasons. Ramsey kills for fun. Dany? She kills for no reason whatsoever. They made her completely insane 'because blood ya know'.

  • Sergio García  1 months ago

    I don't hate that Dany was made to be a mad queen. I just think that the execution of this reveal was clumsy, rushed, and unearned. It's almost like your analysis applies more to the yet unwritten novel rather than the shitty show we have to settle with now.

  • ELana  4 days ago

    @me notyu My interpretation of the slaughter was that Dani had a very warped sense of who her enemies were. She paved roads with thousands of people along her entire path to power. It was always very much a, "With me, or against me" approach. No one was allowed to be impartial. Her interactions with Sansa showed that she expected complete devotion; if you didn't love and worship her, then you must be against her, and are therefore her enemy. In Westeros, she didn't have love. They didn't wors...

  • ELana  4 days ago

    @yon I interpreted the second dragon dying because she didn't listen to her advisors. Jon clearly stated the dragon was injured. We saw it moving funny in the sky at Winterfell because of the injury. Her troops were tired, corpse shocked and not ready for another war. But she didn't want to wait for recovery. So her dragon couldn't dodge, and her armies couldn't scout properly. And she externalised the blame onto Cersei, which fed into her rage. It was a small step in showing her escalating behaviour. ...

  • ESH p  29 days ago

    Now both died in the arms of their lovers as well.

  • C.o.R  yesterday

    @myriadzvids but she's his queen??

  • myriadzvids  2 days ago

    Gross. Jon was not fit to be Daenery's lover.

  • Lindsey Cassella  1 months ago

    I thought the part about Cersei becoming more humanized when she lost power was interesting.

  • Alexandre Beaudry  20 days ago

    Cersei was love and loved. That how she was redempted just before her death.Daenarys was idolize and didn't not really know what was love. That how she was doom. Turning a misfortune slavery into love by pleasure is the best she could do but this isn't love. Not more then her brother protecting her was a demonstration of good hart. And yet, she tried to demonstrate love to Jon the same way Viserion and Drogo did. She reject the idea to share the thrones with Jon like Viserys did it for himself and s...

  • Beowulf Macbethson  1 months ago

    I swear George RR Martin is actually from an alternate universe. These people are too real to be fictional.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop  yesterday

    @Jennifer Brewer Grand Maester on the week-days, and Dungeon Master on the weekends.

  • Jennifer Brewer  12 days ago

    Maybe GRRM is actually the Grand Maester of Westeros.

  • Trey D  1 months ago

    No clue why HBO wanted to take this video down, honestly makes the writing choices of this season seem more acceptable.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop  yesterday

    @AaronKredible If it was threatened with a take-down it was probably some algorithm fuck-up or something. The big companies love these shill channels. They always make the shows seem better than they actually are.

  • AaronKredible  11 days ago

    Trey D How do you know HBO wanted to take it down?

  • 牛奕  1 months ago

    Cersei is the oldest of the three children, Dany is the youngest. Cersei has a relationship with her brother, while Dany thought she was going to marry her brother. They are really inverse mirrors. Your video really enlightened me. Thank you.

  • Twilight Tiger236  1 months ago

    Finally, a video that actually uses logic, critical thinking and evidence/footage from throughout the show to discern exactly how and why Dany became (or, depending on how you look at it, how she always was) a power-hungry tyrant in the end.

  • hawksasuke97  13 days ago

    Yeah no, being power hungry and being insane are two completely different things, buddy. Dany was *never* the kind of person to go around burning kids alive before this crap and there was no justification for turning her into someone who does in a matter of 6 episodes

  • phoenixrising7777  15 days ago

    You realize in later videos they admit that, while this was most likely the intent, it was poor executed and rushed.

  • sitamun  1 months ago

    Love the LOTR similarity you made. The closer Daenerys got to taking the throne, the more ruthless and bloodthirsty she becomes, culminating in the burning of King’s Landing. She definitely has a dangerous obsession with power and most likely feels like she is no-one without it and uses it to validate her existence and purpose in life. The loss of her two dragons, the very living and breathing symbols of her power and destiny, most likely made her realise that without power, she is nobody and means not...

  • Fuzzy Dunlop  yesterday

    @Melodyofthesea78 How do we know she personally LIKES to burn people? I mean - this isn't really out of the ordinary for nobles in Westeros - Robb Stark would have his wolf maul people on and off the battlefield to the point it became his calling card - it's perfectly normal behavior in this universe. I mean, we're first introduced to the main characters in the series via an execution - a wrongful execution, I might add. What doesn't bug me is Dany's behavior, but the overreaction of every one of her a...

  • Melodyofthesea78  9 days ago

    She likes to burn people. That right there is a flag that something might not be right with Dani. She wants people to bend at the knee when they don't........I don't like her.

  • tilstag  1 months ago

    Gotta watch this quick before HBO gets salty

  • Roxanne Blair  12 days ago

    @Silver Bølted pretty sure it's nothing. I spent way to much effort trying to find something

  • oh please, HBO has nothing to do with this. It's all D&D's fault