Trump's full speech from Oval Office on shutdown and border wall (Full national address)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019
  • President Donald Trump made his case for funding for a border wall on the US-Mexico border during a national address to the nation from the White House Oval Office. #Trump #CNN #News


  • Dravon Lay
    Dravon Lay  4 hours ago

    fk a wall

  • Gassebol
    Gassebol  5 hours ago

    We don't need the congress. The country is doing just fine without all the surplus politicians. Keep the shutdown active forever.

  • Lucia Del Rio
    Lucia Del Rio  7 hours ago

    this wall thing is really weird.

  • Gorgoroth Bergen
    Gorgoroth Bergen  7 hours ago

    Mr.President D.Trump ,Norway especially BERGEN Town right wing do support you. Please build the wall ASAP, do Not allow " Hippies leftist on abortion drugs transgenderism on kids, muslims " under " multiculturalism????" .....Norway once a Proud Arian Safe Clean Nation is Now with scavengers Somalis " Murders and rapist " and afghanis or Syrians, raping our Women , stealing in houses, so Disgusting, even dogs slaughtered, for not muslims??? Like dogs. Enough is Enough, Leftist are ruining our Land. These immigrants are 24/7 at council, have 5 kids 7, yes 2,3 wife' American white brothers , it is Sad, 3500- 4000 in us dollars or more a month, house, no taxes, no bills, turning respectable White Norwegians Areas in " ghettos "🤮 , Soros and Illuminati, yes Rothschild' news or paper will talk of Them, but they are right NOW on the Top of The Pyramid, controlling "You, The People's " savings, controlling World crisis". Usa is under attack, right Now ,YES. FEMA camps are true, fight back Zionists and " Hippies politicians " , Fight immigrants back.

  • PHA 4LiFE
    PHA 4LiFE  12 hours ago

    Boo Boo fake speech.

  • Tony Bochene
    Tony Bochene  13 hours ago

    Trump is using the only leverage he has right now to get anything done in Washington. Too bad that so many lard ass gov. workers with cushy jobs get a paid vacation. Funny to me how Democrats can so easily ignore simple logic. An open border is not good for anyone. Why is it our job as Americans to save the world? Especially at the expense of our wonderful quality of life.

  • Marc T
    Marc T  16 hours ago

    The Wall wont solve a damn thing, more drugs come through from the North than from Mexico

  • Lindsey Cilissen
    Lindsey Cilissen  17 hours ago

    Okay, I am not saying this man is always right but this is definitely true. Maybe listen for a change.

  • Quman Qurux
    Quman Qurux  19 hours ago

    Trump is lion of united states

  • Natural Selektion
    Natural Selektion  19 hours ago


  • maury bock
    maury bock  19 hours ago

    The system isn't broken. It was built this way.

  • Travis Seaton
    Travis Seaton  19 hours ago

    Shut it down and build the wall !!! GO TRUMP !!!!

  • Evon T
    Evon T  yesterday

    Really have an illegal rape your next door neighbor. How would you feel and work with them and want to suicide. Hello people with you and loved ones you don't suffer only my life not your life our family not yours. Make borders not only for you but for all of us please!! Trump dosent pronounce this I do!!! And Trump does and I believe in him. God bless him

  • Chris Mashburn
    Chris Mashburn  yesterday

    If a country has no borders or vetting for the people coming in, you will have what native americans had when europeans come to there country in droves. The immigrants, wether they have less than noble intentions or not, will come in and have there way with your land and take it from you. Without a border to seperate your land from the outside land, sea or whatever it may be you have no country.

    • Nate Shaffer
      Nate Shaffer  17 minutes ago's too bad the US doesnt have national borders and boundaries and security check points between Canada and Mexico...🤔🤔🤔
      OH WAIT...😒

  • Administrateur Outmane

    My is outmane Im married for almost three years now USA citizen we live each other and we know each other for almost 5 year and my apply for my cr1 in 2015 receive interview at casablanca morroco 2016 and my document was return back to uscis and still waiting till now . They not say any reson just they sent my document back without any reason . All our document are legal three year now waiting still my document at uscis Mr Trump I'm sending u this message sir why I'm waiting all this time to go meet my wife really so sad thank u so much

  • Michelle Dutton

    Stop being inconsiderate

  • Michelle Dutton

    If you care so much about the people in America then you would open the government so people can work and support there families. There are families and children that are struggling because they can’t afford food also

  • Suidox
    Suidox  yesterday

    build a wall , make chinas great wall look petty compared to america's

    • Nate Shaffer
      Nate Shaffer  12 minutes ago

      Too bad it'd still be about half the length, a mere fraction of the width, and still a few feet shy.

  • Evan Roderick
    Evan Roderick  yesterday

    This is fucking stupid and boring. fake and repeating the same lie . Burn in hell american president orange baboon!

  • Manuel Monasterio

    Such big deal discussion about this issue.... I am not speaking "pro-Trump", but every country has the right to stop illegal immigration.