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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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  • Cut  9 months ago

    Follow the guessers on Instagram! Karlos - @karlosdillardRayne - @rayneereignKatalina - @katalinabiondiDae - @daeshikjr

  • Max Moritz  1 months ago

    @Mathias S. idiot this isn't the german flag

  • savior139  3 months ago

    Nah they are all mostly rude

  • Michely Alba  1 months ago

    I knew the homeless guy was one of those rich IT guys that don’t like to dress up

  • Crissy C  8 days ago

    @lordofentropy same

  • Marcos Jimenez  8 days ago

    Also, my mom was homeless at age 12. My grandpa passed away and had nowhere to go. My dad's family actually took her in. My parents were together since age 12 and were together till age 34 when my mother passed away from cancer.

  • j w  2 months ago

    The exterminator guy definitely sells hard drugs on the low and makes upwards of 10 million a year

  • Chris Hansen  9 days ago

    j w the mule

  • Trisha Paniagua  14 days ago

    lol or sells the poison to kill people on the low low

  • Sparx 141  2 months ago

    Anyone gonna realized that the guy said he has a iPhone 9😂

  • ItZ ShOrTy  yesterday

    Sparx 141 I was just finna say that 😂

  • Lia Hyman  yesterday


  • Levi Levi  1 months ago

    Honestly I like the old guy he's pretty funny

  • Ali Ce  6 days ago

    German humour

  • Amy 1966  16 days ago

    "work is fun."

  • xdSwerveZz  2 months ago

    The Asian guy with the man bun is hilarious: Whispers: *"wHy DiD hE dO tHaT?"*

  • xdSwerveZz  4 days ago

    @God X fr

  • God X  4 days ago

    Cuck lord keep ur opinion to urself lmfao

  • THURDEYE  2 months ago

    That student makes 20k a year while studying?! Wtf

  • Luisanna Gomez  4 days ago

    I was making 20k working in fast food while I was in college FT in Florida were the pay is low, so I am not surprised he is making that.

  • LIL M3MER  13 days ago

    I usually make 0 $

  • Who else feels bad for the exterminator he seemed nice but they seemed kinda rude and mean to him just cause he is not like a peoples person

  • Travis Thomas  27 days ago

    I think they just didn't understand his dry humor. I found him to be far the most interesting and undercover funny... But maybe that's just the German side of me

  • Rafiii  1 months ago

    @Sonia yep, but I'd say he seemed like a silent guy but not shy.. more of a wise man who knows how to deal with any situation..And I can't understand that guy as well, it's just a typical German action to kind of clap someone on his back

  • craizy  2 months ago

    The cringe tho, -is it the x?-nope-is it the 10? -I think it's the 9💀

  • LIL M3MER  13 days ago


  • Ashraf Khateeb  14 days ago

    I dont get it.

  • InTheLifeOfMe  2 months ago

    "Was I right.""No.""Oh. What happened??""Im not broke!"I dies of laughter, 7:45