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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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    Guess My Income | Lineup | Cut

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  • Cut
    Cut  4 months ago +2533

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    Karlos - @karlosdillard
    Rayne - @rayneereign
    Katalina - @katalinabiondi
    Dae - @daeshikjr

    • nck1Dlarrie
      nck1Dlarrie  11 days ago

      "Was I right?"
      "What happened?"
      "I'm not broke"

    • Johnny PacificNorthwest
      Johnny PacificNorthwest  17 days ago

      I forgot the Asian guy’s name (DAE) but I know that he is associated with my college as a super social justice warrior and in this video he was just rude and mean and was hard to watch. The black guy who was a judge was super nice and funny, I am about 98% certain lives in my complex in Shoreline and I met him on the first annual Thirsty Thursday event :)

    • Eve
      Eve  1 months ago

      The exterminator looks so uninterested 😂😂

    • whatever
      whatever  1 months ago


    • Edoardo Farello
      Edoardo Farello  1 months ago

      It would have been hilarious of one of them put himself after the blondie in orange 😂😂😂😂

  • Not Tfue
    Not Tfue  an hour ago

    Oh yeah yeah I phone 9???

  • Scarlett Mckenn
    Scarlett Mckenn  3 hours ago

    I think he has an iPhone 8 not an iPhone 9😂😂

  • The Vocelka’s
    The Vocelka’s  4 hours ago

    Wait there is a iphone 9

  • Dzairi
    Dzairi  6 hours ago

    Hannibal Buress the asian version, I see, I see.

  • Bernie Mat
    Bernie Mat  8 hours ago

    15k to be a life coach??? 🤔🤔I need to rethink this mental health therapist thing

  • Gigidy Gigidy
    Gigidy Gigidy  8 hours ago

    Did my man just say the iPhone 9.

  • R.B.
    R.B.  8 hours ago

    7:37 YEET

  • Doge
    Doge  10 hours ago

    10:52 don’t make me triggered that’s my mum

  • GamingBros07
    GamingBros07  11 hours ago

    iPhone 9?

  • Satan
    Satan  16 hours ago

    "You would have made more if you were white"
    Oh seriously fuck off

  • RW9632
    RW9632  17 hours ago

    Who is the ginger girl? Whats her name

  • Stella Goti
    Stella Goti  18 hours ago

    I saw the tech guy and I was like... he HAS to be a tech guy, when he said he had a pocket knife I was like yeap Tech Guy 1000% sure. I was like, how come none of them saw that!! There are just some stereotypes you cant miss. Tech Guys.. thats one of them. But then again, I guess for me it was TOO easy to spot him cause my husband looks, dresses, stands, talks, and carries a pocket knife just like him (to be precise - usually a Victorinox or Swiss Tech Multi-tool).

  • Zankara
    Zankara  18 hours ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • PilsPlease
    PilsPlease  20 hours ago

    The life coach makes a lot of money holy hell.

  • Jesko Sothmann
    Jesko Sothmann  21 hours ago

    I was raised by first generation germans. Work IS fun.

  • Spektrum HD
    Spektrum HD  23 hours ago

    Flatest mf I've ever seen

  • I Play One On T.V.

    I really thought one of those people would be a comedian.

  • RealGordonRamsay

    wtf is a life and business coach

  • Ashley’s World

    I knew the girl in the orange made a lot of money but i thought the exterminator was super rich too