I Bought the Cheapest McLaren MP4-12C in the USA: BROKEN

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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  • MyassesDragon  6 months ago

    You know you've made a bad car deal when the seller walks away laughing at you. On camera.

  • Elliot Rodger  17 days ago

    Matthew Sharpe You beat me to it. Haha The guy’s name is pronounced “con” for crying out loud 2:05

  • Marco de la Peña  1 months ago

    I watched this bit again and again 😂

  • row2noob  6 months ago

    Next time:I Bought the Cheapest Boeing 747 in the USA

  • Törp Mörp  14 days ago

    ...and the cheapest parachute in the USA...

  • k k  5 months ago

    There are a lot of abandoned ones in the desert, but you need to fix.

  • Adam Finkle  6 months ago

    Looks like the Wizards kids are going to Yale

  • NoCap 757  2 months ago


  • esteban betancourt  6 months ago

    Twice and with a friend if this guy keeps buying ruined cars

  • I own two repair shops in the Washington DC area but I'm willing to relocate close to you mister hoovey because I feel just from your business I can make a lot more money

  • Playwme Surname  6 months ago

    Your credit union is crazy.

  • Törp Mörp  14 days ago

    scottmorris these clips are entertaining and he’s a down-to -earth type of guy

  • Zach Gonzales  2 months ago

    scottmorris no the car wizard makes $20k a month off Hoovie.

  • Gabriel Crapanzano  6 months ago

    Next video suggestion “I burry my hoopty McLaren”

  • Jesper606  6 months ago

    Tavarish will be glad to know he's getting a $20,000 McLaren

  • Jarsky  5 months ago

    Lets water damage this one instead

  • ningis  6 months ago

    you left off about 100,000

  • Shouldn't McLaren freeze the warranty while parts are on backorder? Doesn't seem fair for months of a warranty to be used up due to McLaren's supplier issues.

  • Oggy  6 months ago

    Independence City Motoring Your're thinking like a poor person. Not a McLaren owner :-)

  • David Stevenson  6 months ago

    goodfella21f hopefully they take me out for dinner because I like to be wined and dined before I get FUCKED

  • DrCrazyAzz  6 months ago

    Congratulations on acquiring your latest nightmare Hoovie.

  • Alex Youngberg  6 months ago

    *That Doug impression was on point tho* 👌😂

  • Klas Medak  4 months ago

    Even got the intonation on point 👌

  • Tom C  6 months ago

    Seriously. I wasn't looking at the screen and at first thought it was one of his cut away clips like the Tavarish one earlier in the video.