What Not To Do On A Date

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 2, 2015
  • We show you, out of the very little experience that we have dating, what not to do while dating. Stay tuned for the bonus video this week!

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  • Issaoui Salim
    Issaoui Salim  14 days ago

    I highly recommend this e-book that I just finished and that I put on my page, it will help you enormously to be at the height during your dates:

  • Mariavv Makeup
    Mariavv Makeup  14 days ago

    Damn that accent was pretty good.

  • Cherise Viljoen
    Cherise Viljoen  a months ago

    3:17 oh, Grayson 😂😂😂

  • Amara Isabel
    Amara Isabel  a months ago

    3:43 I lost it lol

  • Elise Doman
    Elise Doman  a months ago

    Grays face omg

  • Elise Doman
    Elise Doman  a months ago

    I’m sorry but Ethan with an Australian accent😻and when he said the reference to nemo I died

  • CrazyMunchery 3700
    CrazyMunchery 3700  a months ago

    Me watching The Dolan Twins all over again

  • Jordan Bowwdz
    Jordan Bowwdz  a months ago +1

    3:44 omg-


    CG COOKIES  a months ago

    Lokey why dose Grayson look kinda cute as a girl xd

  • ramesh mv
    ramesh mv  a months ago

    Ethan is literally the definition of "get yourself a man who can do both"

  • Katherine Nowacki
    Katherine Nowacki  2 months ago

    That Aussie accent though sounded too British I'm just...

  • Aussie Demon
    Aussie Demon  2 months ago +2

    Ethan; “I’m from Australia”

    Me: An Australian “oH ARE yoU noW mATE

  • Haksba Jsjahababaa
    Haksba Jsjahababaa  2 months ago

    0:40 - 0:41 🤤👅

  • Khloe Addis
    Khloe Addis  2 months ago

    Ive been binge watching the twins videos for 3 hours so far

  • Hannah Stovall
    Hannah Stovall  2 months ago

    You guys make me laugh so damn hard

  • Emily Tyner
    Emily Tyner  2 months ago

    0:40 how my ex used to be 🤦🏼‍♀️💀one of many reasons it ended lol

  • Emily Tyner
    Emily Tyner  2 months ago


  • Danica E
    Danica E  3 months ago

    I lost it at 3:40 🤣😂🤣 literally dying

  • Xx.dolanfan.12xX 1234

    at 2:14 me after my friend played ore today (a game where if you lose the winner will chose who you ask out on a date with of their choice) with my other friend/classmate

  • Ly Srunc
    Ly Srunc  3 months ago

    They probably do all that on a date