Last Minute of NBA Finals 2000-2016

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 20, 2016
  • Timestamps of each finals series:
    Los Angeles Lakers vs. Indiana Pacers (2000): 0:00
    Los Angeles Lakers vs. Philadephia 76ers (2001): 2:15
    Los Angeles Lakers vs. New Jersey Nets (2002): 3:25
    San Antonio Spurs vs. New Jersey Nets (2003): 5:49
    Los Angeles Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons (2004): 7:40
    San Antonio Spurs vs. Detroit Pistons (2005): 9:07
    Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat (2006): 10:50
    San Antonio Spurs vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (2007): 13:10
    Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics (2008): 15:09
    Los Angeles Lakers vs. Orlando Magic (2009): 16:50
    Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics (2010): 19:32
    Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat (2011): 21:50
    Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Miami Heat (2012): 23:50
    San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat (2013): 26:46
    San Antonio Spurs vs. Miami Heat (2014): 29:34
    Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (2015): 31:11
    Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (2016): 33:33

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  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz  2 hours ago

    2003, 05 & 07 ends with Ginobili at the free throw line.

  • Name chane
    Name chane  11 hours ago

    Could be titled "Evolution of HDTV"


    Give Kobe his props

  • John Griller
    John Griller  yesterday

    Tim Duncan only blemish in his career was due to bad luck, terrible last minute coaching, missed/choked FTs by his teammates, and Ray Allen.

    Best PF of all time could’ve given MJ a run for the GOAT title if he hadn’t gotten a crazy unlucky sequence of events.

  • Mylo the Zoo-loving Scientist

    Shows the last minute of 17 Finals series

    Video is 36 minutes long

  • Phase Three
    Phase Three  yesterday

    14:44 Gotta hand it to the Cavs. Put up a good fight in that game and if Manu hadn't hit that brick free throw the Cavs would've taken it to OT

  • chito Im
    chito Im  2 days ago

    Kobe 3 peat 2wice
    #lakers #MOVEclippers2seattle
    #k8be24 #mamba #zenmaster #airjordan6

  • Chris A
    Chris A  2 days ago +1

    I will forever be salty that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.

  • AJe bllstrs
    AJe bllstrs  3 days ago

    2k16 is the best finals in nba history .. a 73-9 team and blew in 3-1 deficit .. the first team in nba history to comeback from down to 3-1 deficit

  • Conlloyd Gumbs
    Conlloyd Gumbs  3 days ago +3

    If the Lakers win in 2020, that would mean they won in 2000, 2010 and 2020

  • ianricz 20
    ianricz 20  4 days ago +2

    seeing Jason Kidd's reaction from 2003 loss to Spurs then fast forward to 2011 mavs, I'd say he really earned it.

  • Deniz Demir
    Deniz Demir  4 days ago +2

    Its pretty interesting how the moment everything is not completely going their way, the gsw instantly crumbles. Luckiest franchise in the history of the sport. Injuries, refs, even the contracts they signed right before the cap rules changed. Glad to see these clowns out of the picture. Wish Steph did not get injured so he was on court while they were 5-20. GL in lottery guys, make a good draft and i hope u all get well soon. I'm looking forward to ur big 5 bending over in LA next year.


    One of the coolest things ever is when Pop was smiling when the Spurs lost - with a very genuine congratulations to the HEAT. You knew he meant it. Then, Spurs grab next one, and Pop is straight faced and nothing but professional. POP = GOAT.

  • Zetsu Tsuletsu
    Zetsu Tsuletsu  5 days ago +1

    Shaq is so big. Look like he was huggin a bunch of kids lol.

  • Christopher Hines

    20:27 KOBE SUCKS DIC

  • Pipichu Peace
    Pipichu Peace  6 days ago

    2016 final

    The best part

  • elchugilito
    elchugilito  6 days ago +1

    These are all blood sweat and tears to win a championship. Love the emotions shown by each one who one.

  • Alex Spartichino
    Alex Spartichino  7 days ago

    god i hate the lakers

    SDAWG  7 days ago

    I'm sorry I can't abide wearing goggles celebrating in the locker room with the champagne. Like Really? Really? ....what's next rain coats and permission slips from mommy?

  • Tony Graham
    Tony Graham  7 days ago +1

    Nigga lookin like Kawhi Leonard walkin by at 20:20 lol...