Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Expansion Pass - Elma Trailer - Nintendo Switch

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 24, 2018
  • Elma, defender of planet Mira from Xenoblade Chronicles X is ready to fight in Challenge Battle Mode!

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Expansion Pass is available now! https://goo.gl/KQ5rd2

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  • Chris - X
    Chris - X  16 days ago +2

    You guys should play xenoblade X

  • Willians Santos
    Willians Santos  1 months ago +4

    The way xenoblade x was treated in smash ultimate is criminal. One of the most ambitious wii u games, and got less than all other games. No character, no stage, no music, no assist trophies, nothing. How come? How is this any logical? Even xenoblade 2 got more. Xenoblade x EXIST goddamit. Seriously, if a Xenoblade X char like Elma, plus stage and music is not added as one of those 5 DLC's, I will be giving a hard pass on smash ultimate. Smash was supposed to celebrate Nintendo history, xenoblade x is one of the marvels of the Wii U, don't simply skip it, especially when other less notorious wii u games got more attention.

    • ZeroChill
      ZeroChill  13 days ago

      I completely agree with this. It really was criminal with how X was treated.
      And the worst part is that the team had no excuse for it either. Save for DLC? You literally withheld content that should have been in the base. Rights are too hard to get the music to? Monolith Soft negotiated the rights to the music in Expansion Pass season (which has a significantly lower alloted budget and resources than the base). It really came off as the Smash Team not really caring about X.

    • Willians Santos
      Willians Santos  1 months ago +1

      facepwnagewtf xenoblade x should be one of those 5 DLC's, and I proper justification as to why it was not in base must be given, for this situation to make any sense. otherwise team Sora will lose a lot of my respect

    • facepwnagewtf
      facepwnagewtf  1 months ago +2

      Well the fact that other than a Skell Frame Spirit we have no XCX representation in Smash Ultimate could point to Elma being a likely DLC reveal. After the Massacre of popular character de confirmations in the last direct Nintendo doesn't have a ton of overly popular 1st party characters to draw on at this point. So Elma could very well be one of them... That or XCX is getting almost completely disregarded.

    • Phoebe3315
      Phoebe3315  1 months ago +2

      +Willians Santos I mean, we don't have proof yet that there are no songs from Xenoblade X in the game. They could've been locked for the presentation. We'll find out how much X content there really is in about a month. Then we might also be able to see if spirits actually deconfirm characters. I know Mewtwo/Lucas were trophies in Smash for Wii U and that didn't stop them from achieving playable status, but it's possible that's because they weren't planned from the beginning while it looks like the DLC this time was. If Elma isn't found as a spirit, I would find that an unbelievable oversight and make me think she's DLC. Her only real competition at this point in terms of Nintendo characters is Bandana Dee, although the Kirby series already has tons of music, 3 characters and 5 stages, plus I think Elma's moveset potential is much higher than Bandana Dee's. I'm hopeful, but we'll see...

    • Willians Santos
      Willians Santos  1 months ago +2

      Phoebe3315 given they got uncontrollable and Wir Fliegin in Xenoblade 2 I am not sure if they would not be able to get X music. Thing is that xenoblade 2 got songs, and two mii costumes despite being too late to smash. xenoblade X was not late, it had perfect timing. No justification for the way it was treated, especially when games like the ones you mentioned got more. Given how well Elma was treated in Xenoblade 2, It seems it is not Monolith Soft problem, so the smash team / Sora are the ones to blame. what is their problem?
      about not getting the game, sorry man, but I am too fed up of seeing X mistreated, I won't compact with this. Or X gets the content it deserved and should have, or I will be skipping this and future interactions of the smash franchise and also incentiving Xenoblade X fans to do the same.

  • Sonario648
    Sonario648  2 months ago +1

    Sooooo...time to find some way to fit this into the canon

  • David iDealist
    David iDealist  2 months ago

    La la, la la, la la, la la, Elma's world.

  • AQA
    AQA  2 months ago

    omg its the weather effect

  • I Eat the bootie
    I Eat the bootie  2 months ago

    It’s looks cool personally tho I get bored with games like this lol I need something to give me an adrenaline rush

  • Abra Kadabra
    Abra Kadabra  2 months ago

    How could you do this to us!? You give us Elma complete with voice lines and a trailer with music straight out of XCX... But nothing about XCX2!? Why do you taunt us this way!?

  • Mhmd Zam
    Mhmd Zam  2 months ago

    A new pikmin and port pikmin 3 please

  • LucidGate
    LucidGate  2 months ago +2


  • Yumi Chocolate ASMR
    Yumi Chocolate ASMR  2 months ago

    Kwel 💩👅💦

  • Emily Froncek
    Emily Froncek  2 months ago

    I would if I had a switch

  • green black
    green black  2 months ago +1

    I vote smash......😜

  • Da penguin 13
    Da penguin 13  2 months ago +2

    Elma 4 smash

  • Marvin
    Marvin  2 months ago

    I know that voice singing...but I don’t know the song...

    • MomoQca
      MomoQca  2 months ago +1

      Padfoot Uncontrollable is the name of the song. 😬

  • Dark Midbus
    Dark Midbus  2 months ago +1

    Why didn’t the Advertisement say “Put your adventure into Overdrive!”?
    Golden pun passed up, right there

  • King Stratos
    King Stratos  2 months ago

    "Tornado blade"

  • Jamie Bennett
    Jamie Bennett  2 months ago

    It's 2018 andwe get graphics like that...?

    • creative username
      creative username  2 months ago

      +Jamie Bennett yeah they bought it, the Vita and 3ds are basically dead if it wasn't for the switch there wouldn't be a relevant handheld on the market. I didn't buy the switch for graphics I bought it because it's been nearly 8 years since the 3ds launched it's time for an upgrade

    • Jamie Bennett
      Jamie Bennett  2 months ago

      +creative username so instead of progeessing, nintendo decided to release something with DS functions in 2018 and ppl actually bought it... Lol

    • creative username
      creative username  2 months ago

      +Jamie Bennett but it's chips and power supply are mobile. Yeah you can play it on a TV but that doesn't suddenly suddenly give it a xb1 x chip set

    • Jamie Bennett
      Jamie Bennett  2 months ago

      +creative username the switch ismt just hand held tho, lol
      You can play it on a large screen!

    • creative username
      creative username  2 months ago

      +Jamie Bennett um yes they do. The PS4 and xb1 have better graphics because they are home consoles with bigger chips and higher power consumption. The switch has worse graphics because you can't shrink down PS4 level tech to fit in a handheld in 2018. Even the most powerful phone or tablet on the market is only like 50% more powerful than the switch, you're not getting games that look like Witcher 3 on a handheld for a few more years

  • DeKukrunk
    DeKukrunk  2 months ago +3

    BEST GIRL!!!

  • Sarah Geesaman
    Sarah Geesaman  2 months ago +1

    I know who that little girl is the girl that says why won’t you let me play with her is because she wants to buy with circus baby and her dad was basically the one who build circus baby so she wants to play with and even a circus baby has evil

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank  2 months ago +1

    Wow! She is so badass. That many enemies is not even a challenge for her!