The Struts - Body Talks (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 3, 2018
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  • Sierra Neal  (Dec 6, 2018)

    They should give The Struts the whole show next year

  • Olivia Doerr  (16 hours ago)

    milchuck me neither till this, now I’m a fan😂😍

  • milchuck  (1 day ago)

    Have never heard of

  • argell  (Dec 5, 2018)

    Now *THIS* is a song fit for a runway. VS hiring famous singers and making them sing their famous songs that are not fit for the runway ruin the segment.

  • mon mayor  (6 days ago)

    +Jia En Heng no baby girl..just no.

  • Jia En Heng  (Apr 17, 2019)

    Totally different topic, but Victoria’s secret should hire kpop idols for 2019

  • Kendall Jenner is so overestimated, Adriana Lima is a God and this song is awesome

  • Anne A.  (May 5, 2019)

    shes not a god jeez her fans are delusional as fuck lmao

  • F. Ayşe Yıldız  (Apr 7, 2019)

    Adriana is a Goddess, female... not God. Wrong.😉

  • John Smith  (Dec 18, 2018)

    1. Lais Ribeiro - 0:222. Candace Swanepoel - 0:393. Taylor Hill - 1:084. Romee Strijd - 1:255. Elsa Hosk - 1:376. Barbara Fialho - 1:497. Jourdana Phillips - 2:048. Kendall Jenner - 2:149. Grace Bol - 2:3510. Sara Sampaio - 2:43 11. Cindy Bruna - 2:5712. Sui He - 3:0413. Adriana Lima - 3:19

  • 월드헬로  (Apr 21, 2019)

    +Brittany Pfeifer thanks!!

  • Brittany Pfeifer  (Apr 21, 2019)

    월드헬로 kelsey merrit

  • Funny Bunny  (Dec 9, 2018)

    I think it’s a disgrace that the angels only get two outfits in a show. They should get three just like in earlier times.

  • Peyton  (May 15, 2019)

    natalia gonzalez gomez 4 outfits isn’t impossible go watch early fashion shows from 2003-08 models like natsha poly carmen kass naomi gisels karolina isabeli eugenia daria jessica stam vlada REAL MODELS got 4-5 outfits in their shows and had to chnage in less than 5 minutes into some some of them have walked early victoria secret shows aswell. Like 2003 -07

  • Andrew H  (Dec 28, 2018)

    That’s because ever since they in introduced the 10 New Angels in 2015, they were too many Angels to get 3 outfits and too many models cast in the shows (back then the maximum was 35 models/angels it’s 60).

  • Samiha Ouled brahim  (Dec 18, 2018)

    Lais slayed, Candice is such a queen, Adriana is pure confidence. But the best part is the drummer wearing wings

  • Campbell King  (Mar 20, 2019)

    You mean Gethin? He’s a snack

  • Samiha Ouled brahim  (Jan 6, 2019)

    +Marvie Sey-ang he is lol

  • Roxy  (Dec 15, 2018)

    Victoria Secret has so many huge big name artists on, but sometimes they don't always fit the show or the song doesn't. *However I think Stuts are the best I've seen on here! Never seen the models & audience light up so much. Plus the set was also amazing best show for me!*

  • MR 97  (Dec 11, 2018)

    0:40 Candice was not wearing jewelry, 0:50 Candice wearing them. VS are you kidding me????

  • Kendall Jenner  (5 days ago)

    Its filmed twice

  • Slay All day  (Apr 23, 2019)

    They sow together both shows cause there are two

  • Marcelo Munera  (Dec 3, 2018)

    This was definitely the best segment of this year. The last catwalk of Adriana is so iconic, from now on Candice is the new queen of VS, did you see her catwalk? Amazing

  • beth Meza  (17 hours ago)

    Sad vs no longer hold fashion show this year. I dont know how they will send off candice behati and lily

  • nabila shukri  (Dec 11, 2018)

    why this segment have less views than other segment..this is the best segment in vs show the struts

  • MerDer4ever  (May 16, 2019)

    +Charlene Yu I didnt know it either but now I love it as well as the segment of the 2018 show!

  • MerDer4ever  (May 10, 2019)

    Best segment of the outfits and great song...great performance! Fierce as hell! What is wrong with people that they prefer some mediocare pop singers...