The Struts - Body Talks (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 3, 2018
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  • nabila shukri  7 months ago

    why this segment have less views than other segment..this is the best segment in vs show the struts

  • verie rich  8 days ago

    Because Queen Behatti is not there..

  • MerDer4ever  2 months ago

    @Charlene Yu I didnt know it either but now I love it as well as the segment of the 2018 show!

  • argell  7 months ago

    Now *THIS* is a song fit for a runway. VS hiring famous singers and making them sing their famous songs that are not fit for the runway ruin the segment.

  • PRAVASH GURUNG  1 months ago

    Totally agreed.

  • Cinnamon Bun  1 months ago

    @mon mayor Lmao exactly what I thought

  • Sierra Neal  7 months ago

    They should give The Struts the whole show next year

  • Duffy Marie  19 days ago

    Blazingwhite snowflakes I thought they only cancelled the television one and not the irl one?

  • Ham And Frog  22 days ago

    If there was one this year🙄can’t believe they aren’t doing it

  • Tia Célia  7 months ago

    Kendall Jenner is so overestimated, Adriana Lima is a God and this song is awesome

  • Yes overestimated, but admit it, she's so beautiful and sexy

  • Topspeed350  5 days ago

    Jenner 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

  • MR 97  7 months ago

    0:40 Candice was not wearing jewelry, 0:50 Candice wearing them. VS are you kidding me????

  • Harsh Srivastava  18 days ago

    MR 97 they pictures the whole segment twice ! Perhaps they didn’t know u had such a sharp observation skills !😂 ...... very impressive indeed

  • Brian Stenglein  26 days ago

    Good catch, but why are you looking at her neck?

  • Kristofer Ramirez  5 months ago

    The models were gorgeous and all that. But let's notice the band too. The struts gave a different kind of energy here this is easily the best performance in the history of victoria's secret for sure. The song was such a fit for the event. There have been alot of famous singers who performed there but their songs were just not a perfect fit and their performance mostly came out boring..this was very natural and raw performance. It only shows that rock is still better than pop music.

  • Mr Knarf  11 days ago

    All those models and they still stole the stage for most of the song. Incredible.

  • Carol Chaves  4 months ago

    Only rock do that

  • Samiha Ouled brahim  7 months ago

    Lais slayed, Candice is such a queen, Adriana is pure confidence. But the best part is the drummer wearing wings

  • Arpit Arora  10 days ago

    He is wearing Doutzen's wings from the opening segment of 2014 show. Time flies.

  • Campbell King  4 months ago

    You mean Gethin? He’s a snack

  • Uragan5  7 months ago

    Adriana moment actually gave me chills. Amazing. And she looks like a goddess despite her age.

  • Aitana López Nieto  1 months ago

    She es like 37 wtf

  • A.C. Harrison  1 months ago

    You think she looks good for her age? Check out Christie Brinkley.

  • Guillermo Aguirre  7 months ago

    Kris Jenner is just like her cameo in thank u, next

  • Andri  2 months ago

    Same thought

  • AAA  2 months ago

    @ScootMagoot46 I don't think the word Nepotism means what you think it means. Keep on hating though, it's an attractive quality for certain...

  • Funny Bunny  7 months ago

    I think it’s a shame that the angels only get two outfits in a show. They should get three just like in earlier times.

  • Abreden  2 months ago

    natalia gonzalez gomez 4 outfits isn’t impossible go watch early fashion shows from 2003-08 models like natsha poly carmen kass naomi gisels karolina isabeli eugenia daria jessica stam vlada REAL MODELS got 4-5 outfits in their shows and had to chnage in less than 5 minutes into some some of them have walked early victoria secret shows aswell. Like 2003 -07

  • Andrew H  6 months ago

    That’s because ever since they in introduced the 10 New Angels in 2015, they were too many Angels to get 3 outfits and too many models cast in the shows (back then the maximum was 35 models/angels it’s 60).