Why you should do Intermittent Fasting | Joe Rogan feat. GSP, Dr. Peter Attia, Dr. Rhonda Patrick

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 29, 2018
  • I own nothing. All rights go to Joe "Greatest Podcast Generation" Rogan. Featuring Drs. Peter Attia (0:00), Rhonda Patrick (12:31), and Georges-St Pierre (5:56). Watching all of them really convinced me to try and keep up with my IF and incorporate it into my workout routine. Comment below your thoughts and how it's worked for you. Have you heard of Niagen?


  • Will.
    Will.  a years ago +428

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  • ZMR
    ZMR  4 hours ago

    These comments are great 🤣😂

  • Caleb MacMoyer
    Caleb MacMoyer  11 hours ago

    "McLaren Honda"- "Gucci Walmart" "Patek Timex"

  • .
    .  yesterday

    Been doing omad for a month now. 20 lbs down.

  • Josh Powers
    Josh Powers  yesterday

    "When I'm feeding"? Seriously? Douche.

  • Marshal TV
    Marshal TV  2 days ago

    Black coffee actually is a net positive in fasting because it optimizes the autophagy phase.

  • Marshal TV
    Marshal TV  2 days ago

    Black coffee actually is a net positive in fasting because it optimizes the autophagy phase.

  • Lance Reese
    Lance Reese  3 days ago

    I like how this Doctor can say BS stuff and not be questioned as a Doctor. When a black man says he is a doctor ( Dr. Umar Johnson) or a citizen of the U.S. (Barack Obama) research must be done to prove his legitimacy.

    Regardless this was a helpful video, thanks!

  • Levi Swan
    Levi Swan  3 days ago

    Every time I try intermittent fasting I get super hungry and can’t take it.

  • Brett Shull
    Brett Shull  3 days ago

    38 yrs old. 230 lbs and lost down to 190 lbs through intermittent fasting.

    Occasionally skip breakfast and lunch and then play basketball in the afternoon and have more endurance than my friends. I cheat this diet 2 to 4 times a week.

    Most surprising result was muscle growth. I weight train 40 minutes a week and that is it. I thought I was getting a testosterone boost from less carbs at night or from something I was eating, but maybe it is the Fasting.

  • King Sosa
    King Sosa  3 days ago

    I tried plant eating and meat eating but my performance hasnt improved. Then i tried a diet mainly consisting of pussy. Now my Jiu Jitsu and wrestling has increased and my high kicks are much easier to access in Muay Thai. I can proudly call myself a pussy eater. I eat it when wet, bloody, dry, etc. i eat all kind/ to make sure I am not missing essential nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 Vitamin D. I am never going back to Veganism or Carnivorism. OFFICIALLY PUSSY ALL THE WAY BABY.!!!

  • KleeM
    KleeM  3 days ago

    I lost 40lbs from doing intermittent fasting. I tried everything else but nothing worked but this. I just ate my calculated caloric daily intake and did 16-8. This is 16 hours not eating and 8 hours you can eat your recommended daily caloric intake. There are calculators out there where you just have to provide a little information about yourself physiologically. That's all I did, I didn't exercise much and I have no loose skin or anything.

  • Edward D
    Edward D  4 days ago +6

    I told my wife that I couldn't eat her cushy bc it was out side of my eating timeframe. Well she is now living next door with my neighbor 😥

  • Mughaho Chishi
    Mughaho Chishi  4 days ago

    I eat from 2 pm to 10 pm. I don't workout or eat with much care. I'm 5'6" and I was 75 kilos before I started intermittent fasting. Now, after 3 years of following it, I'm at a constant 64 kilos even with all the pizzas I down every other week. My BFP is at 15% down from 20%. I'm not an ectomorph either. This routine really does work. Just some light cardio alone will get you back into a reasonably good shape.

  • Um Shush
    Um Shush  5 days ago

    listening to GSP for more than 3 seconds makes my brain go numb... the most boring dude to ever grace a microphone.

  • Daniel O keeffe
    Daniel O keeffe  5 days ago +1

    Very intelligent woman, but I can't believe what she says in the end about fasting and coffee/ liquids. The whole fasting thing is just too black/white win or lose. I 'll bet if you ate the solid meals in the same feeding window and had a herbal tea in the morning and evening, it would make zero difference.

  • Daniel O keeffe
    Daniel O keeffe  5 days ago

    Important point missed about IF - The eating window has to do with the time of day. if you put the feeding window from 4 PM - 10 PM , the results will suffer drastically. This is because digestion is highest between 10 AM - 4 PM or so and weakens outside these hours. IF is basically derived from the Vedas, a 5000 year old text. It's not new, science is just discovering for the first time what yogis have been saying for centuries.

  • Arthur Lefebvre
    Arthur Lefebvre  6 days ago

    This video unlocked my quest for a good nutrition.

  • Adam Reising
    Adam Reising  6 days ago

    I get up at 7am, drink a couple glasses of water, do some chores, hit the gym, eat around noon, then continue with my day with dinner around 7-730p. I think it's perfectly feasible to do a 16/8 as a working adult because you don't really get hungry after you adjust, so your lunch time simply becomes your breakfast time.

  • Conrad Lines
    Conrad Lines  7 days ago

    My body type has made me intermediate fast my whole life its natural