Why you should do Intermittent Fasting | Joe Rogan feat. GSP, Dr. Peter Attia, Dr. Rhonda Patrick

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 29, 2018
  • I own nothing. All rights go to Joe "Greatest Podcast Generation" Rogan. Featuring Drs. Peter Attia (0:00), Rhonda Patrick (12:31), and Georges-St Pierre (5:56). Watching all of them really convinced me to try and keep up with my IF and incorporate it into my workout routine. Comment below your thoughts and how it's worked for you. Have you heard of Niagen?


  • Will.
    Will.  9 months ago +326

    While you're here, please consider subscribing to my channel and watching some of the guitar and music I play. Thanks for watching, I appreciate you! Good luck on your fitness and personal journeys, I'm with you! - Will

  • Mr. Struggle
    Mr. Struggle  8 months ago +3310

    I’m broke, I do intermittent fasting I have no other choice 😂

  • b zanon
    b zanon  4 months ago +2118

    have you guys try continuous eating?
    i tried and i went from 180 lbs to 410 lbs,i can barely walk and breathe anymore,amazing diet.

  • MrAmmanas
    MrAmmanas  5 months ago +2052

    I actually googled "LT diet" thinking it was some new diet I hadn't heard of. Then my dumb ass realized that "LT" is how GSP says "healthy".

  • Adrian Durlej
    Adrian Durlej  5 months ago +1193

    I scrolled down for insightful comments about people's own fasting experience.. I didn't get that.

  • Miguel Ángelez El Romanardo

    I am a mouse so this was usefull

  • Mark G
    Mark G  4 months ago +754

    "What do you doctor in?"
    "Thats a good question"

  • Raistlin Majere
    Raistlin Majere  5 months ago +398

    i only eat during a 2 hour time frame every day and fast 22 hours. I always eat the same thing. 3 large pizzas. I feel worse than I ever have but i'll keep going as long as it takes

  • Larry Villarreal
    Larry Villarreal  4 months ago +598

    “When I’m feeding” 🤔 what are you a dam werewolf

  • Nayo Torres
    Nayo Torres  4 months ago +422

    My wrestling coach had a saying that said "The hungry dog fights harder"

  • TheKentuckyDipper 01
    TheKentuckyDipper 01  5 months ago +420

    I was weighing at around 400 lbs now I’m down to 185 thanks to intermittent fasting
    Wooooow never got so many likes before lol

  • NordVA
    NordVA  5 months ago +224

    Me: I haven't eaten since my birth. It only makes sense to me.
    Joe: Oh, that does make sense

  • Nice Guy
    Nice Guy  4 months ago +183

    My mom doesn’t let me be a hangry lion, she always trying to make me eat

  • KingOfKings
    KingOfKings  2 months ago +96

    "Herbal tea got herb stuff in it" - Dr. Rhonda Patrick

  • Sherman Swanson
    Sherman Swanson  8 months ago +1584

    Calling it feeding instead of eating makes you sound like a vampire

  • Greg Connor
    Greg Connor  5 months ago +348

    GSP says it best "Human beings are overfed."

  • Safia Khan
    Safia Khan  3 months ago +98

    i eat for 23 hours fast for 1 hour. why am i still hungry.

  • Jessica T
    Jessica T  6 months ago +130

    my depression and mood swings have diminished once i incorporated IF and lowered my carb intake. steady blood sugar levels keeps me stablilized

  • Antony Neeson
    Antony Neeson  4 months ago +226

    I fast 18hrs most days w 6hr feed window. Never felt, looked, performed, slept better in my life. Get at it folks.

  • jabuhrer1
    jabuhrer1  7 days ago +15

    Rhonda: "Fat PLUS sugar. That's the bad combination."
    Joe: "I'm gonna write this down..."