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  • Published on:  Friday, April 3, 2015
  • Monster Bug Wars Top 10 is a second season compilation episode. This episode included 10 already released bug fights that have been shortened. The following battles are listed below:

    10 - Slender necked mantis vs. Bronzed huntsman spider
    9 - Tiger beetle vs. Raspy cricket
    8 - Paper wasps vs. Green ants
    7 - Freshwater crab vs. Tiger leeches
    6 - Trap-jaw ant vs. Antlion
    5 - Assassin bug vs. Ogre-faced spider
    4 - Desert centipede vs. Desert trapdoor spider
    3 - Giant rainforest mantis vs. Spiny leaf insect
    2 - Green jumping spider vs. Long-jawed jumping spider
    1 - Green ants vs. Tree scorpion

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    ★ WHAT is Monster Bug Wars?

    This is ringside access to bug-eat-bug gladiatorial contests! Witness some of nature’s deadliest encounters where stings, spikes and deadly venom are wielded with cold-blooded precision.

    ★ Who will you encounter?

    Enter the no-holds-barred, real-life world of spiders, scorpions, centipedes and killer ants fighting to the death. When the Spiny Leaf Insect goes head to head with the Giant Rainforest Mantis it’s an all-out assault where only one survives.

    Can the lethal stinger of a Bull Ant overcome the suffocating silk of the Redback Spider?
    When a lethal Tree Scorpion threatens a Green Ant colony carnage is certain.
    Who survives the showdown between a deadly Desert Centipede and a Desert Trapdoor spider?

    ★ Behind the scenes

    Filmed in extreme close-up high definition and illustrated with state-of-the-art CGI, Monster Bug Wars! brings to life nature’s ultimate fight club. Five encounters per episode are accompanied with commentary from Dr. Linda Rayor Cornell University and Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry from The University of Queensland.

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  • Deathy Cool
    Deathy Cool  23 minutes ago

    15:55 The Crab gives is last Breath...

    Crab : "BURP"

  • Vinse
    Vinse  an hour ago

    Insect arrives

    Other insect:Jotaroooo!!
    Another insect:Dioooo!!

  • Nathanael Lawyer
    Nathanael Lawyer  3 hours ago

    how is that fair a 4 inch spider vs a young small speisecs of mantid

  • Sadisky
    Sadisky  4 hours ago

    Gg bro

  • Slappy McKracken
    Slappy McKracken  4 hours ago

    tiger beetles are nasty little gangsters on wheels!

  • Deschanels 07
    Deschanels 07  5 hours ago

    Americans are very stupid

  • Happylee
    Happylee  12 hours ago

    the sound effects for the fighting and the eating is 9:16 lollllllll "nature" or some guy tossing a branch load of ants on a wasps nest?

  • John Oliver Cardoza
    John Oliver Cardoza  18 hours ago


  • JOE_LIVE_215
    JOE_LIVE_215  19 hours ago

    Some are not even fight but just murder😂

  • Tom Winter
    Tom Winter  20 hours ago

    In the credits: "Animal wranglers" -- staff to find, and set up the bugs?

  • bigbaddawg101
    bigbaddawg101  21 hours ago

    An ant vs an antlion, the result was going to be obvious.

  • Alec Mejia
    Alec Mejia  21 hours ago

    God I love all of the sound effects during the battles😭😂 it’s too funny

  • C
    C  21 hours ago



  • Itzz Ash
    Itzz Ash  22 hours ago

    literally most of these fights were unfair asf 😂

  • Abby w
    Abby w  23 hours ago +1

    Coyote Peterson is Shaking

  • Quentin Rykard
    Quentin Rykard  yesterday

    These sound effects really make this sooo much less interesting...


    Suuuuper unbelievable.

  • HyStErIcAL GaMeS

    Better than battle bots

  • Borislav Gorlukovich

    What horse sized bug would you be most afraid of fighting?

  • GrammaticalGabe

    Way more interesting than any MMA match I’ve seen before. 😜

  • Семён Семёнов

    Tiger beetle freaks me out!
    He's such a savage!
    Just dissecting, tearing apart and cutting everything he seeing...
    Pure insect-gringer on speeds!