Daenerys, the Lemon Tree and the House with the Red Door

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 16, 2018
  • Is Daenerys really who she thinks she is? Is there some secret in her past that George R R Martin is hinting at?

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  • Leah Lemieux
    Leah Lemieux  14 days ago

    Dayne-Aerys. GRRM put the answer to her parentage right under your noses. the mad king is the one who raped Ashara.

  • Christopher Tracy
    Christopher Tracy  1 months ago

    Queen Daenerys is a true Targaryen, as Quaithe said the dragons remember do U?! I just hope that her story ends better than the show. I want her alive with her children, she doesn't have 2 be the Queen of Westeros. Although now all the castles and houses in Westeros, in her mind have a red door. From Winterfell 2 Dorne.

  • RP Productions
    RP Productions  2 months ago

    So here’s the big problem; WHY does Martin spend SO much time making the readers doubt that Dany wasn’t raised in Bravos, if her recollections are, in fact, correct? It doesn’t matter that the contract was signed by the sealord of Bravos. The point Martin is making is connected to Dany specifically. It makes no sense. And the memory could be wrong, as Martin said Sansa misremembering the Hound kissing her when he didn’t, was a set up for someone else misremembering. We also get that flippant comment from an innkeeper saying “Lemons only grow in Dorne”. Martin doesn’t waste time on plot points like this with no pay off.

    As a side note, anyone wonder why Syrio was in Westeros? I’m assuming he must have been in or near King’s Landing because he showed up only a few days after Ned decided to train Arya. Just seems random he was there. We never learn why he’s in Westeros.

  • Sam Stark
    Sam Stark  2 months ago

    Is it odd that I'm working and listening to your videos on the background? They are actually helping me concentrate but in the same way getting a lot of info from the books I previously overlooked while reading them.

  • Brittany Decker
    Brittany Decker  2 months ago +1

    Your voice is really perfect for these videos. Love it!

  • Genco Abbandando
    Genco Abbandando  3 months ago

    Could it be that Grr Martin made ond of his famous mistakes when he write about lemon trees in Braavos??

  • Sarah Delmonte
    Sarah Delmonte  5 months ago

    I reckon the house with the red door is the temple of R'hillor in Braavos.

  • Walter Szarek
    Walter Szarek  5 months ago

    Jaquen Hagar is Rhaegar targarian he most likely looked after his siblings in brovos. the red door probably is symbolic, representing the red god. Viserys being referred to as the beggar king and having all of there stuff stolen is similar to why Arya was kicked out of the house of black and white for not becoming no one. The animal faces could symbolize the many faces of dead starks, lannisters baratheons and so on. Remember that deanerys was a child and children use more imaginative ways of recalling things. Ned must have knew rhaegar was alive and rhaegar must have been at kings landing as serio farrel planing to get picked up by yari to go to castle black to reveal the truth to john snow in person. once ned was killed Rhaegar aka Jaquen hagar would feel obligated to protect Neds youngest daughter from harm like Ned did for his son. When jaquen saw arya dressed like a boy it defiantly reminded him of lyanna. i have a lot more to say on this but i dont want to write it out.

  • Sabrina Zanoletti
    Sabrina Zanoletti  5 months ago +1

    all dany wanted was the house with the red door and lemon trees ..later on burning an entire city...oh dany you deserves better writting. ..in my mind Aerys wasnt mad,Rhaegar married cersei so that could tywin wasn't such a bitch about it everything was peaceful and dany was the ordinary princess she always wanted to be

  • zanzed cloud
    zanzed cloud  5 months ago

    lemons and peaches are dreams desires and lust for freedom something you see regulerly in the books
    renly offers a peach to stanis witch angers him greatly it is a desire to be free of his strict nature but we all know he cant

  • Robert Erlandson
    Robert Erlandson  6 months ago +2

    In the end i wanted this for Daenerys not that cursed throne

  • Dale LaPointe
    Dale LaPointe  7 months ago

    I agree that she wants to be queen and live in peace but she really gave that all up when she left Daario behind & her really safest city to rule. I think she made a huge mistake leaving Daario behind in the first place makes no sense she would listen to the IMP who she just really met. The guy talked her into leaving not only her lover but best fighter & perhaps the only other person besides Jorah she could trust completely with her life. Sadly it cost her trusting Jon Snow & the Imp lets not forget the Starks actually help kill her father and were part of the wiping out of her blood line makes no sense at all why she would even consider trusting them completely the writers pushing the love story of Jon Snow was just garbage it was rushed and once she found out the truth she should of sent for Daario immediately I just loved there relationship it was playful and honest. I pray to the lord that Dragon took Dani to get resurrected perhaps she would realize her mistake go back to Daario ASP. I think most think the Starks were good & the Lanasters were bad not even close both were about the same you think about it they turned on Dani father hunted down her brother killed him yet he loved a Stark and had a child with her. Were to believe that Ned Stark was noble yet he betrayed his King, sister bye helping kill her husband & Cut off the head of Sir Arthur Dayne who was protecting his future Queen with child. I actually after watching everything there were 3 powerful families 1 was Dani the other 2 were Starks & Lanasters all 3 killed a ton of people to get or keep power including the innocent . If I could pick a side I would of still be loyal to Dani, its a hard choice she had to make I remember the one word screamed bye her loyal friend before Cersi had her head cut off. She pretty much told her to burn them all to hell for me!

  • Toke Varvaspolvi
    Toke Varvaspolvi  7 months ago

    Preston Jacobs sends his regards.

  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson  7 months ago +6

    This analysis of Daenerys just makes me sad again about how the show ended her. Jon was her "red door", but he pulled away from her. I see her 'fire' as a passion that could either be expressed in anger and rage, or in great love and caring. Jon, in the show, was the lynch pin on which she would pivot... but the last couple seasons, particularly the last, were so poorly written, this is lost in the stupidity that was the show writers ego and hubris.

  • Shawnna Bass
    Shawnna Bass  7 months ago

    Beautiful video about Dany. I'm glad someone realizes that what she really desires is simply love, home, and safety. After the show's end, people have turned on her fiercely without examining what it was that truly sent over the edge. If Dany is in fact still a child, deep in her heart, it explains so much about her actions. When you take away safety and love from a child, they turn their anger outward because they don't know how to process loss. I've always seen Daenerys as a lost child. Even as she conquers and demands a crown, it just felt like someone who was still lost, who was using these nebulous goals as a stand in for what she was really looking for. Anyways, thank you, I had to share this on a few sites. I love your videos, best ASOIAF ones I've found yet. I subscribed for more of your work!

  • Paige Smith
    Paige Smith  7 months ago

    Once again, very well researched, and brilliant!

  • toonbat
    toonbat  7 months ago +9

    So basically, the House with the Red Door and Lemon Tree is 'Rosebud' from Citizen Kane.

  • Adrienne Sutton
    Adrienne Sutton  7 months ago

    And with Jon Snow killing her, the possibility for her to acheive that happiness is possible. Drogon could have seen to her reserection, or even the Red Witch could have had a vision and talked to another red witch to be in the secret place at a certian time. Dany could be reserected and go on living a safe life. No body looks for a dead person.

  • James Dooling
    James Dooling  7 months ago +1

    In interviews, George talks about his lost kingdom given that his grandfather and family once prospered in Bayonne, NJ, and had a large home and business and named docks in the port. He lost his inheritance and grew up poor in the projects and was forced to walk in the shadow of his former realm. I think Dany embodies this resentment. He heard tales of his family's ancient greatness. He even admits to fantasies of retaking it now that he's wealthy, but for what reason? That is a kingdom and a history lost. All he can do now is dream and stoke the quiet fires of bitterness for what his life could have been. If he had dragons as a child, maybe he could have left poverty and retaken what was "his."

  • Natalie Carrington
    Natalie Carrington  7 months ago +1

    I really enjoy listening to your videos - you have a beautiful speaking voice! :) Also your content is quite interesting :)