The Struts - In Love With A Camera (Audio)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 25, 2018
  • "YOUNG&DANGEROUS" by The Struts is available now. up for the band’s newsletter here: Shop The Struts Official Store: Connect with The Struts: Official - YouTube: Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - video by The Struts performing In Love With A Camera (Audio). © 2018 Interscope Records


  • Emily Gowins  7 months ago

    Those high notes tho...

  • MusicRepublic  1 months ago

    Reminds me of Brian Connolly of The Sweet. Unreal.

  • DaeOnYoutube  7 months ago

    This is so damn good. Woo!!! Great work again, The Struts! Thank you for keeping music alive and kicking!

  • chip tmcc  7 months ago

    These kids are doing it well. I'm 62 and diggin it.

  • Mad Dog MATTIS  14 days ago

    98 here. Rock on, kids.

  • Tommy M.  3 months ago

    @BTS_ARMY123 JUNGKOOK OMG🤣🤣 i only saw people who said they're 50+ so i thought I'm one of the younger ones but, I'm not. Your post pulled me back into reality that I'm going to get old 🥺

  • zbrhd  7 months ago

    Why isn't this band fckn super famous?

  • mr leedles  2 months ago

    @Sixnohit Kee I mean, to be fair here...they are pretty well known now? consistently getting good views on their music videos, appearing on...I believe it was Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel to perform "Body Talks" with KE$HA, think they aren't doing too horrible for what, IMO, is technically a mainstream band. Mainstream rock-ish, sure, but still mainstream

  • Sixnohit Kee  3 months ago

    zbrhd Because “mainstream” music is hot garbage. They wouldn’t know a good band if it punched them in the face.

  • TheBlueSlipperss  7 months ago

    lyrics:She don't need no one she runs the worldShe got that lightning, come strike me girlCall out to her, she don't hear a wordOh, woahSee how she plays up to the lensShe pretends it's her only friendNo it don't tell her any lies, satisfiesBut I can't catch her eyeOh, woahShe love looking at herselfAnd she don't need no one elseIf she's in love, she's in love with a cameraShe just wanna get that shotIf I'm in or if I'm not, she doesn't careShe's in love with a cameraShe love looking ...

  • Atalissa Harrah  7 months ago

    I just saw them in concert last night. I got to hear music from their new album and THEY ARE THE BEST PERFORMERS IN THE INDUSTRY. Even if the songs weren't familiar these guys kept the audience pumped!! I lost my voice screaming and all my muscles are sore. Guys, KEEP IT UP.

  • Joshua Burns  7 months ago

    Could not agree more. Saw them about 4 months ago and it was a phenomenal perfomance. Luke is such a showman cant wait to see them again.

  • RicinOnFire  7 months ago

    That's awesome. I'm excited, I'm going to see them this Saturday (Nov. 3). Glad to hear they did so great, can't wait! :)

  • sabercats15  7 months ago

    That falsetto almost made me nut

  • shilhann  2 months ago


  • Mark Ward  7 months ago

    Pure gold! The STRUTS are absolutely AMAZING!

  • Lucas B  7 months ago

    get alert for a new Struts song - close pornhub and get to youtube ... it was worth it - Great song !!!

  • Afireinside912  7 months ago

    I'll help you finish Sir. ;)

  • Amirhossein Yazdani  7 months ago

    @Henry TheGreatAmerican that's the reason i love this reminds me1980's

  • Garrett Heady  7 months ago

    Yet another marvelous musical work from The Struts!