Sen Morimoto - Cannonball (Official Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 12, 2018
  • Sen Morimoto's Cannonball! LP out now on 88rising / Sooper Records!!! Listen/Download here: Sen Morimoto - a multi-instrumentalist composer and songwriter born in Kyoto, Japan and living in Chicago. Video by Yuya Morimoto - footage by Megan Capps - https://megancapps.comSen Morimoto 88 is double happiness


  • Pixels27  1 years ago

    But can he ice-skate?

  • yourmother  1 years ago

    This is the future music sounds like

  • Arief Syahrizan  1 years ago

    welcome to the family dude

  • Citra Maharani  1 years ago

    His hair so majestic

  • Roxie Hsieh  1 years ago

    I know LOL thats what all I been staring at

  • Acuta  1 years ago

    Honestly see future in this artist, Can't wait to hear more interesting songs from Sen Morimoto. Keep up the good work!

  • DJ SOFTLOCK  1 years ago

    kid's so ahead of his time it's bonkers

  • Kierfuan  1 years ago

    I've heard nothing like him in a good way. definitely versatile to say the least.

  • lonetruthseeker  1 years ago

    okay I love this man

  • Ethan Boey  1 years ago

    word brother

  • amilajn  1 years ago

    this sounds weird. but cant stop listening to this. help.

  • Lopheliptic  1 years ago

    Same. Thought it was weird at first but im starting to get addicted to this

  • diealone  1 years ago

    Go listen some jazz

  • ChaseYams  1 years ago

    The first listen through, I didn’t really understand the appeal.I totally get it now. Been listening to it all day. Props to you for pushing the boundaries, and making something truly special.

  • Something different, interesting and good it's been a longtime and much needed addition to 88rising much better then a couple I've heard recently.

  • Dat  1 years ago

    1:48 when she gives head

  • Asvea  1 years ago


  • NotYourPapi  1 years ago

    Dat I