Khabib threatens to leave the UFC if his teammate is released from the UFC,Woodley,Serra

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 11, 2018
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  • doc retrofuturo
    doc retrofuturo  1 months ago

    khabib says they can keep his money? honor is more important? dumbass... take the money you earned and have honor too... i thot it was khabib that started all this when he and his boys cornered conor's friend, correct?... conor's action with the bus was not inside of an ufc ring or show, no one was there because they bought a ticket to see conor, and he was arrested... khabib's action was inside an ufc show, he instigated physical violence with someon that was not in the ring, and khabib's 2 boys weren't supposed to be in the ring and they attacked conor in the ring, and conor didn't press charges.... so no, its not the same, people paid to see khabib in an ufc event

  • doc retrofuturo
    doc retrofuturo  1 months ago

    @matt serra.... he made 40 million more than khabib... not 40 thousand more... but 40 MILLION MORE... its not complicated.. conor still won

  • Melvin Gilmore
    Melvin Gilmore  1 months ago


  • Talon Riley
    Talon Riley  1 months ago

    Good leave ur boring to watch anyway

  • Karimrashid Khaaan
    Karimrashid Khaaan  1 months ago

    Battle ... what the f**k
    I believe after big loss & solid punches of Mr Khabib you lost your mind

  • Antonio Viki
    Antonio Viki  1 months ago

    Khabib rules...respect for him...McTapper? please no more....

    MANN MANN  1 months ago

    He talking nuts.msybe he need whisky to regain his memory.

  • Hakim sharifi sharifi

    All world and justice support khabib the real champion..

  • Loyd Sevilla
    Loyd Sevilla  1 months ago

    I'm for khabib..

  • Radek Kaiser
    Radek Kaiser  1 months ago

    Good i hope he leaves he is now trying to do what connor can/could do and thats throwing his weight around now that he is the champ . Same arrogance in diferent clothes. His team mate fucked up and should be fired from UFC same as Khabib and Connor

  • lincoln askali
    lincoln askali  1 months ago

    You have beat a lot of champions Khabib, being undefeated for 27 fights are good enough to be a real champion. for Allah's sake leave UFC now those people in the UFC are cheaters and gamblers.

  • Fruit Dull
    Fruit Dull  1 months ago

    Irish people is really dumb . Instead of blaming thier chicken.. they blame our eagle for teaching him lesson..
    What is khabib mistake..
    That he jumped.. lol. That's not mistake even to compare to Conor crime's...
    Khabib is human at z end.
    This disrespectful guy Conor.. insult his religion.. parents.
    Attacked bus.
    U should be ashamed of his childish behavior.
    Anyway Conor got his lesson. Seems all his country needs to learn

  • After Burner
    After Burner  1 months ago

    Conor is an Amadán!

  • Joshua Lindsey
    Joshua Lindsey  1 months ago

    I couldn't see it at first, but Conor probably did have that one coming. Conor is the kind of fighter who people are drawn to thanks to his charisma as well as his skill. I, like a lot of people, REALLY want to like him, but honestly, if someone attacked me on the same level that Conor did Khabib, I probably would have done MUCH worse. Conor mentioned supposed criminal underworld connections with Khabib, but a lot of that can't be confirmed easily so either Conor has some really exclusive sources or its complete bullshit. Imagine if somebody said those things about your country and your family, and then made up a bunch of stuff about you hanging out with terrorists and other scum.

  • Leon Sahagun
    Leon Sahagun  1 months ago

    Message that Kevin is cringy to Khabib.

  • Raul Rey
    Raul Rey  1 months ago

    Yeah he won an ass whooping. And embarrass his country and his people. Scumbag

  • Raul Rey
    Raul Rey  1 months ago

    Bet Dana White had a lot to do with that bus incident.

    EMDAD CHOWDHURY  1 months ago

    Support for Khabib n his coz... We boycott UFC if they go further!!!

  • Aduka Ikmal
    Aduka Ikmal  1 months ago

    Shame on you UFC... no khabib, no real champion.

  • Nabon Don
    Nabon Don  1 months ago

    leave ufc..there's nothing left but chiken only
    dana mc greedor