It was shocking to see that Darren Till didn't know what to do on his back,Woodley on Colby

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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  • ThursdayMonkey475
    ThursdayMonkey475  1 months ago

    Yo... That ending... You are an artist, sir.

  • ThursdayMonkey475
    ThursdayMonkey475  1 months ago

    Did this nigga say "Jonald Jrump Jr"?

    USADA  1 months ago

    Colby is a cretin.

  • jokrj
    jokrj  1 months ago

    "Woodley admonishes president" LOL

  • jokrj
    jokrj  1 months ago

    Tyron u should support our great president. Are you saying you didn't vote for him? Why would it get under your skin? U another moron that votes for your democratic slavemasters?

  • Mike SNOWMAN Tyson
    Mike SNOWMAN Tyson  1 months ago

    Till moves to Brazil and don't train any BJJ or BJJ defense techniques..smfh booger

  • nicholas Johns
    nicholas Johns  1 months ago

    Woodley is great but snoop dog is a tooth pick skinny ass nigga. I will whoop his ass if he ever want to catch these hands. he from the hood and cant fight wtf, check his sparring if you want to call it that haha

  • Lee
    Lee  1 months ago

    The ending was hilarious

  • Johnny
    Johnny  1 months ago

    Kenny no fail -- gets the prediction wrong. wow, how does he do it

  • Dodger Nation
    Dodger Nation  1 months ago

    Kenny Florian with another incorrect prediction 😂😂

  • Doctor Octagon
    Doctor Octagon  1 months ago

    Tyron stood up punching.
    Till had his feet on his hips.
    He didn’t simply PUSH.
    One simple way is just explosively extend his legs and he’s at least off of u for a sec- if u are fast and strong legs u can get all the way up off it.
    Or at least turtle then get up when he’s on
    I see no evidence knew anything at all.
    While getting hit he didn’t go for over or under hooks. He didn’t get get in his side.
    He stayed as flat as McGregor did Vs mendes.
    Honestly some guys are naturals and literally figure this out the first class.
    Till needs to stop fighting and leave his boxing gloves at home and start training ground 2x a day til he has at least alittle knowledge.
    His standup can take him far if they guy develops even the remotest idea what to do on his back. He needs both knowledge know and body mechanics as well

  • killyourself
    killyourself  1 months ago

    Tard Woodley's projection and lies are amazing. The guy must think everyone who watches is as dumb as the monkeys he grew up with.

  • thekillingtomat
    thekillingtomat  1 months ago +1

    God damn it florian! You made Hunt lose

    CROOKED CLOWN  1 months ago

    If the Trump family attend the fight at the MSG they'll be lynched by the crowd.

  • Geraldo S
    Geraldo S  2 months ago

    Since Covington is a Trump supporter, Dana will not allow him to get beat down. He will stop the fight if he gets in trouble like he did Ronda.

  • TheSquad4life
    TheSquad4life  2 months ago

    Colby is just trolling, this trump shit is getting corny just wanna watch two fighters rumble

  • Genecop Coppola
    Genecop Coppola  2 months ago

    Hunt has a big fucking Neck

  • Genecop Coppola
    Genecop Coppola  2 months ago

    This Colby Guy is SUCH A DICK..

  • Chevy Silverado
    Chevy Silverado  2 months ago

    A president shouldn't be afraid of it's people, I remember back in the day Putin would show up to see Fedor and that's bad ass

  • Norman Bates
    Norman Bates  2 months ago

    Rapping Skeleton