George R.R. Martin Talks Game of Thrones Ending & The Winds of Winter

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 25, 2019
  • Welcome back for another Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire update video. Today I want to read some of George R.R. Martin's recent comments about Game of Thrones Season 8 Ending and The Winds of Winter release date. Let me know what you think about his recent comments. Do you think we will actually get The Winds of Winter by 2020? Thanks for watching!Images and video clips from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use.Talking Thrones Merchandise! Thrones Patreon! Thrones Twitter! Music: John DelVento R.R. Martin's Not a Blog Selmy Interview


  • Talking Thrones  22 days ago

    The last time I read the books was about a year ago. I really need to go through them all again before The Winds of Winter comes out. Will anyone else do another re-read before it's released?

  • lunalouhoo  13 days ago

    I just finished re-reading the first book (oh it's so great!)...I read it originally back in it has been awhile.

  • D M  17 days ago

    Finally bought the books. Now that the show is done, rewatching all the seasons. Then I will read the books. Heard people talk about many things from the books that the show did not cover well or at all. So excited to ' see' the world in the books.

  • MindbloW  22 days ago

    Azor ahai, do you know what Azor ahai is, its the one of thousand fan theory, a story we agree to tell each other over.. and over... till we forget that is a lie (never happen in tvshow)Peace..✌✌

  • James Taylor  16 days ago

    But what do we have when we abandon the lie..nonsense..a gaping screen full of shite waiting to contaminate us all

  • M J  16 days ago

    Jon snow is azor ahai. Dany is nissa nissa

  • Jezus Kriste  22 days ago

    Don’t worry, D&D can’t harm us anymore, it’s Star Wars’s turn to get shafted.

  • Joan Hinz  11 days ago

    Technically Solo was a bomb.

  • Michael So  11 days ago

    @Jonny Augz What is dead may never die!

  • Frank Possible  22 days ago

    GRRM leaves the show: Show’s IQ dropped and never stopped dropping.

  • Rhaenyra Reigns  19 days ago

    @Denis Lanza If you call a script for X-Men Origins: Wolverine a successful one, sure. The man himself on several occasions bragged how he made false statements in regards to his experience with running a TV show just to get the gig. Read Cogman's Vanity Fair interview from May of this year. This is not how professionals behave.

  • Denis Lanza  19 days ago

    @Rhaenyra Reigns I know for a fact that David Benioff was already an experienced professional writer who successfully wrote several film screenplays that got produced and released.

  • Olle Svenningsson  21 days ago

    Bariston Selmy was a fantastic charachter and he is an amazing actor

  • Daniel Shapiro  22 days ago

    The Winds of Winter will release when Tywin hugs Tyrion

  • Kendra Raffington  13 days ago

    @Sonny AliNo. LOL!! If you are not a native American, you may not get it. But when the U.S. Census averages out the american family size, it's always been 2.5 kids. How they get THAT number, no one knows.

  • Sonny Ali  15 days ago

    @Kendra Raffington, is the .5 kid a dwarf?

  • Stretch  22 days ago

    Keep up the GoT videos!! I will continue to support you

  • Francisco MM  21 days ago

    @Talking Thrones who should videos about future events in game of thrones. For example, who will succeed sansa when she dies? Will it be similar to how james vi succeded elizabeth i ?

  • Talking Thrones  22 days ago

    Thanks! Much love.

  • Ramesh Volgago  22 days ago

    Who else hated jon ending like that???

  • BlueJaye Braham  16 days ago

    Jenna Hart lol! Your argument has made me laugh. I completely understand it. I think most people understand that Jon wanted the north. It’s all of the parameters around giving him the north that feels out of place for his character arc. He was “searching” for his complete family (meaning his mother) from minute one. So then when he finally has all pieces together, they don’t really explore the assimilation of that information into his character. Also, the no family, no lands, no children seems e...

  • M J  16 days ago

    Ramesh Volgago Jon looked happy in the end. He was free. He always wanted to be free. He’s right where he belongs

  • Ciaran F  22 days ago

    Thanks Talking Thrones for the excellent videos . Your great knowledge and exceptional analysis have made Game of Thrones a better experience for us all.

  • Jon  22 days ago

    So pissed off by season 8 I’m not even gutted it’s over 🤦‍♂️

  • @Sergio Hernandez I was like you but my disappointment started at episode one. For me it started just a few scenes in. I found myself saying it will get really didn't. A good scene here or there but overall not well written. The acting was good for what they were given. I still feel so let down.

  • HuntedSoul O  21 days ago

    Ikr. Don't even feel like I've watched anything. After this, I'm not even interested in prequels.