Homeless Man Buys A Lamborghini

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 18, 2019
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  3 months ago +59970

    Subscribe or I’ll delete your Fortnite account.

  • Don't click on this
    Don't click on this  3 months ago +19997

    Ask people for a dollar and if they say yes give them money

  • Walner Carpio
    Walner Carpio  4 days ago +89

    If you ever come to Tacoma Washington, HIT MY CAR!!!!😆

  • Unknown YT
    Unknown YT  7 days ago +584

    Mr beast runs over a rock : I should buy it an island

  • mclaren kugan
    mclaren kugan  14 days ago +715

    mr beast: accidently drops someones pen
    Mr.beast: lets give him a lambo..

  • Gg FortniteDude08
    Gg FortniteDude08  7 days ago +438

    Jimmy crashes into my car
    *don’t worry ill buy you a lambo!*

  • Amar Rama
    Amar Rama  3 months ago +5807

    MrBeast accidentally crushes a small rock
    Oh sorry, let me just buy you a new country

  • Cat Eating Salad
    Cat Eating Salad  3 days ago +280

    Person: drops a penny down a hole
    Me.Beast: Gives Him $1,000,000,000

  • Sky H1gh
    Sky H1gh  7 days ago +294

    No one:
    Mr. Beast: *hits a car
    Also Mr. Beast: Let's buy him a new one!

  • xd CeRo
    xd CeRo  7 days ago +156

    Mr beast 2099 : Buying the entire solar system for a homeless man

  • Whitedog Druid
    Whitedog Druid  3 days ago +17

    "I wonder what he's gonna do with the money?"
    'I wonder what his name is.'

  • Hi awak
    Hi awak  3 months ago +1557

    Normal person: ok lets get outta here quickly
    MrBeast: build a camp

  • TE1 spark
    TE1 spark  yesterday +20

    Mr beast : puts his fingers down on a car
    Mr beast : gives him/her a lambo

  • Ivan Pospisil
    Ivan Pospisil  9 hours ago +16

    lol imagine coming home and yelling, "HONEY I'M HOME AND I JUST GOT 9,000 DOLLARS"

  • Siddharth Bhatt
    Siddharth Bhatt  7 days ago +254

    Beast: can we give 10k to the guy who's car we hit
    Mom: NO!!
    Beast: YOU'RE NO FUN!!!!!

  • Harrison The Frenchie
    Harrison The Frenchie  14 days ago +203

    i wonder what he’s gonna do with that money
    i wonder what his name is

  • Fosse Gaming
    Fosse Gaming  3 months ago +2900

    man: loses his iphone...
    mrbeast: buys him the apple company

  • Kelani Diamond
    Kelani Diamond  5 days ago +14

    “Guys let me know if I can hit your car”
    iight, buy me a car first tho

  • Llama's_are Sad
    Llama's_are Sad  3 days ago +7

    You guys should of did a food digger prank while doing this xD

  • Steven the vloger
    Steven the vloger  4 days ago +64

    This is how much money MrBeast had before spending money on lamborghini