DmC vs. Revengeance | 6 Years Later

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019

    DmC vs. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


  • TheGamingBritShow
    TheGamingBritShow  7 months ago +41

    Just a heads up. Some people are pointing out that Monsoon wasn't the only catalyst for Raiden developing/regressing to the Jack the Ripper persona. Obviously Sam was involved in softening Raiden up before Monsoon started pontificating, I didn't just fall asleep during the previous 5 minutes. My point wasn't to say that it was JUST Monsoon, hence why I call him "ONE of the major catalysts" and point out that Raiden gets "tipped over the edge" by him, not that Monsoon completely put him on the edge to begin with. My point was that for such a pivotal moment in Raiden's development, having the final nail be hammered in by some guy who just showed up, and a chuckle-fuck like Monsoon at that, felt underwhelming.


  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood  5 hours ago

    Fucking love your commentary bro. So entertaining

  • Gutter Hero
    Gutter Hero  yesterday

    I like how you're able to objectively analyze both these games for their merits and flaws divorced from their original reception, especially with DmC.

  • Kristianity
    Kristianity  2 days ago

    2020 man with a though: should we send Ben Shapiro a video of the Armstrong boss fight and have him critique his view of radical Libertarianism?

  • Leftovers from the Fridge

    Armstrong just wants to sell Raiden some propane.

  • Gungrave123
    Gungrave123  7 days ago

    Both games soundtracks are absolute benchmarks in the genre

  • MrSpawn229
    MrSpawn229  14 days ago

    Revengeance is average game

  • katra
    katra  14 days ago

    I thought Jack the Ripper was badass...

  • Keiny Lai
    Keiny Lai  14 days ago

    Please stop saying DmC DmC twice for no reason.

  • Jamill Hakeem
    Jamill Hakeem  21 days ago +1

    goddamn, what a review. Amazing how you explained the gameplay in such an intricate way, then even went deeper by delving further into the story aspects.

  • Kevin Vo
    Kevin Vo  21 days ago

    MGR does have higher quality graphics, but aethetically pretty bland. Graphics and aethetics are two things that a lot people interchange. MGR models, particles and textures are of a higher quality. But because of pretty bland art direction with the environments, it does look worse then DmC

  • Writing Goose
    Writing Goose  21 days ago

    I mostly agree with your opinions on the story side of things - MGR is definitely more thoughtful in its themes then DmC - but I do want to argue one small point in the latter's favor: the Vergil twist does add a layer to the overall story

    Before it, DmC's story would have been arguing that the fault for all of society's ills lie on evil individuals (literal demons in this case). However, Vergil's sudden face-heel turn complicates that simple narrative: he claims that as ruler he will be nothing like Mundus; he'll "treat his subjects with respect, not enslave them." In other words, he believes all he needs to do is replace the evil rulers with good rulers and everything will be fine. Dante - our player character - states firmly that swapping rulers isn't going to solve the problems that plague society.

  • Lal Lalovich
    Lal Lalovich  1 months ago

    But MGR us canon.

  • Gat the Man
    Gat the Man  1 months ago

    You shut your mouth about Raiden's design! XD

  • Domenick boucher
    Domenick boucher  1 months ago

    I love the Jack The Ripper scene, It's hilariously hammy.

  • Sergio Gonzales
    Sergio Gonzales  1 months ago

    27:07 What if that was partially true because of certain chosen people?

  • Sanno Ryujin
    Sanno Ryujin  1 months ago

    On the whole Armstrong ideology and Raiden. Armstrong wasn't totally wrong nor was Raiden really put in a spot where it necessarily validates Armstrong. While Armstrong took it to an extreme, Raiden had the conscience where he was wrong and was self aware enough to recognize he had flaws
    He took the "law into his own hand" where it was common sense. Any of us wouldn't wait for bureaucrats to make a decision while children were being kidnapped and harvested. The contexts of the actions are what we have to look into.

    I think Armstrong is someone Raiden COULD have become if he is not careful in putting himself in check and losing his self reflective element.

    Armstrong hid behind a seemingly righteous idea on the surface, while it was just another flavor of tyranny deep down, and self deification, while Raiden saw his allies as valuable and had a sense of community.

    Armstrong was an individualist to the max while Raiden was making the effort to balance his self conscientiousness while relying on others.

  • Justin Clark
    Justin Clark  1 months ago

    Here is the diff eve raiden is an edgy badass cyber ninja while D.I.N.O is a crackhead demon one is actually cool

  • Talon Marshall
    Talon Marshall  1 months ago

    I feel like Rising is like the last authentically edgy 2000s game.

  • Darth Night Killer
    Darth Night Killer  2 months ago

    Their still no GOW game. Where's the review of the prequal? What's taking so long?