Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
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  • Anirban Goswami  5 months ago

    Aww, the lady wanted to clap at the end. :D

  • BloodLegaZ  3 months ago

    They are dressed up so nice and Linus just rockin' them socks and sandals lol.

  • Kaio Studio  4 months ago


  • Matthew De Vuono  5 months ago

    People who say "Apple take notes." Need to understand Apple will only note the price.

  • SodomySnake  8 days ago

    @Leighton Mitchell Apple's whole bread and butter is telling you what you want. Apple customers want what Apple wants them to want (or they just want to use the Mac-exclusive editing software).

  • Leighton Mitchell  2 months ago

    I just don't think this is the kind of market that apple wants. Apple's whole bread and butter is making really thin and sleek laptops. Their customers don't really want super thick, desktop replacement machines that are upgradeable. This Alienware is for a completely different demographic.

  • HENRY THE RC CAR  5 months ago

    How does this guy upload this often and still manages to always have quality content. I applaud you sir 👏

  • king  8 days ago

    got to realize he got a crew

  • Nate Kovo  25 days ago

    He has like twenty editors

  • Norbert Baylon  1 months ago

    *Meanwhile Apple casually solders their RAM into the motherboard*

  • Weslly Labrador  5 months ago

    Dell has to be commended on this, "if you won't do it, we'll do it ourselves". And obviously for letting clumsy Linus open up their heaps-of-money new toy.

  • Jamie Hasted  4 months ago

    This is nothing new?! My M17x R4 has an upgraded CPU and I can install up to a 1060 (without modding).

  • schlafanzyk  4 months ago

    I almost want to buy a Dell just because of this. But then I realized, my forever custom desktop would never love me again.

  • Szabolcs Mate  5 months ago

    When Dell allows you to take apart their latest $$$$$ gadget "live", on camera... It kind of shows what a great reputation you built not only in the eyes of the manufacturers, but also in the eyes of the customers. They don't mind the "inconvenience" as they know they will get a fair opinion that the customers will take seriously. Well done Linus! Honestly.

  • riku818  5 months ago

    @jazz03 wrong

  • Szabolcs Mate  5 months ago

    @fishywtf these are not mutually exclusive. Of course it is marketing for Dell and this will surely convert directly to sales. This just shows that Linus earned the respect on both sides with his work. Manufacturers know he will not criticise unfairly for views, and his audience know he won't "sell" a polished turd to please a manufacturer. (his directly sponsored videos are sometimes ever so slightly biased, but well within reason in my opinion)

  • Felipe Oropeza  5 months ago

    that thermal compound application though

  • Stefio  3 months ago

    No shit, I've seen facials on Pornub less messy than that.

  • Stefan Etienne  3 months ago

    I know. Even I did a better job.

  • Nic Hall  5 months ago

    Theres a very very quick passing single frame at 1:29 if anyone can spot it. Its literally Linus holding up the laptop.

  • Yakov gal  3 days ago

    DigitalGamma I got the rare 120fps eyes

  • paarthurwax  1 months ago

    Saw it

  • SinikkaL  5 months ago

    I know people are gonna freak out over the price, but damn. That is one impressive piece of tech right there.

  • Jackson Almodobar  3 months ago

    jack sprat it’s actually pretty reasonable tbh. I don’t have nearly enouph money for it personally, but it does preform well price wise to its competitors.

  • jack sprat  5 months ago

    @Some Guy They are already on Dell's website starting at 2500 bucks. I'd buy one if I hadn't have already bought a 15 r3 last year.Their laptops aren't too overpriced, compared to other gaming laptop manufacturers. They used to be. I think they dropped in price once they were acquired by Dell.

  • xyzHero  5 months ago

    Dam everybody wants Linus at their booth showcasing their product.