Brewstew - Kid Wrestling

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 12, 2019
  • A pseudo sequel to the 'Front Yard Wrestling' video I did forever ago

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  • Littleslimedude123

    Michael needs a whack in the sack.

  • CaptainNintendo2
    CaptainNintendo2  5 hours ago

    The restaurants real name is "The White Castle"

  • Kirby the god baby


  • Willow
    Willow  6 hours ago +1

    Wait so you're tellin me Dwayne the rock Johnson had hair? I'm-

  • Mr Bagguette
    Mr Bagguette  8 hours ago +1

    Allow me to introduce you

  • Massimo CoolGamer
    Massimo CoolGamer  8 hours ago

    R.I.P Rocky Johnson ( 1944-2020)

  • James Barker
    James Barker  11 hours ago +1

    I love that damn near all these videos describe my childhood to a T.

  • Benjamin Paul
    Benjamin Paul  17 hours ago

    Doesn’t he say alright in the beginning of every video

  • Aleksa Curkovic
    Aleksa Curkovic  19 hours ago

    I searched "kid wrestling" because i wanted to see this video
    Im probably on a register now

  • Ethan Rich
    Ethan Rich  yesterday

    I like how Tyler figured out a neck crank as a 9 year old

  • T3nMiDGET5711
    T3nMiDGET5711  yesterday

    Who here is still the champion champion champion

  • Alaa Lachhab
    Alaa Lachhab  yesterday

    Anyone notice the couple walking the dog looked like scooby doo

  • Nuclear_Muffin
    Nuclear_Muffin  yesterday

    Thats cool.

  • Kold Gold
    Kold Gold  yesterday

    I am still the champion, the champion

  • Tame_ the_flame

    I use to do a swanton dive from the tree to the trampoline and then do a lionsault from the trunk of it on the trampoline as well good old times lol

  • Bundle of Nonsense

    When you realise this is just an updated version of this

  • Anna's awesomely awesome puppy live

    If I was there I would think David was raping Michael

  • Mr.Tryhardguitarguy

    Oh god the ptsd I just got.... what ever that finishing move david does DESTROYED my back as a kid. I wrestled with a few friends growing up and the one time that that happened and a friend really did that to me my back popped all the way up to my nucking neck as he sat his ass down on my neck pretty much and the muscles in my thighs strained so hard I felt them all sort of pop and then they went really warm and stung. Turns out he totally fucked my back and leg muscles by doing that full force. I still remember not being able to ride my bike home and laying on my kitchen floor almost crying and my mom thinking I got hit by a car or some shit because I couldnt even talk correctly. Fuck you for that jackson I hope you caught leprosy or some shit for that you little shit.

  • TakumaTomo
    TakumaTomo  2 days ago

    1:00 tho

  • XxKittyMewMewXx9
    XxKittyMewMewXx9  2 days ago

    You know, it's interesting how much adults let things go then. Now if someone saw kids fighting or beating up one another for fun in a yard now they'd lose their shit and try to stop it now I bet.