The Unexplained Murder Of Mobster Bugsy Siegel

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 12, 2019
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  • Maria Chavez  1 months ago

    You should do the murder "the act"

  • Steve Salamanca  3 months ago

    BuzzFeed Unsolved Network make an episode of the Mackenzie Poltergeist..! Guarantee Shane will believe then! Lol seriously... messed up case though lol

  • Lorna Miessner  3 months ago

    Wait, why does everyone think the speeding car is the shooter? If I'm sitting in my car and I hear 14 shots, you know I'm gonna book it out of there. Also, high five Shane, I too was born under the Bean.

  • Paarmita Shukla  18 days ago

    Alternatively, maybe to deviate any witnesses the mob intentionally drove the car into the wrong direction? Since they're said to be so good at erasing traces?

  • G Shmoker  2 months ago

    I hope you ARE from Chicago and not a SUBURB of Chicago.

  • eveloux  3 months ago

    'macdonald just happened to owe the mob $30 000' HOW hOw HoW do you 'just happen' To OwE tHe MoB $30 000?!

  • Gangsta lαnєz  11 days ago

    Gambling duh

  • Emilia Freeman  12 days ago

    eveloux p

  • That Girl  1 months ago

    No one:1940's mobster: BIRTH CONTROL SERUM FOR CATS

  • munemaker  3 months ago

    wait...a guy named lucky luciano became the mafia boss???he.... he really did do it to em.

  • Jayslays  16 days ago

    Really had to do it to em 😔

  • Eleana aa.  21 days ago

    Its shocking how the "you know I had to do it to em" guy is now more recognizable than the original mob Lucky Luciano. His power. A true god amongst men.

  • Miranda Paredes  3 months ago

    bun: AlL hAiL tHe WaTcHeRIcelandic police: *solitary confinement to the watcher until he confesses to the murder of Bugsy*

  • lil  2 months ago

    @Niveditha J just put a random guy in solitary confinment and he'll confess to everything *the magic of legal psycological torture*

  • Angela Valy  3 months ago

    The government works hard *_But Ryan and Shane work harder_*

  • Soup Time Now time  1 months ago


  • logan b  1 months ago

    Completely not true. The government doesn't work hard. Gtfoh

  • alyxpawlawski  2 months ago

    convo i had w my mom when this came out:me: ooo its on bugsy siegelmom: cool i think thats the gangster that my grandmother waited on when she was a waitress on a gambling boat off of the coast of LAme: excuse melike i didn't even know how to respond lmao

  • Mely G.  3 days ago

    alyxpawlawski that’s so cool wtf

  • STAR THE WOLF  1 months ago


  • Toxic Rainbowz  3 months ago

    Damn Ricky really snapped this episode. “No one come to my funeral”“You won’t have to worry about that”

  • dayanaralee x  1 months ago

    James Rooks they’re talking about ricky goldsworth

  • James Rooks  1 months ago

    I think his name is Ryan

  • ashlyn phipps  2 months ago

    okay but what if the speeding car had nothing to do with the murder? it’s certainly not hard evidence and if i were driving through an LA neighborhood and heard a gunshot, i sure wouldn’t be taking my sweet time to get out of there

  • Kevin Boros  12 days ago

    @Mr. Big Chest *Europeans, not Eastern Europeans. All of Europe was at war. Blame it on Germany and Austria. Every single European country that was part of the war lost more than the United States. It was their decision to join the war, and the European theatre would have been won without them anyways. The Americans turned both World Wars into profit, making huge stacks of money. Also, what about slavery? As far as I know, Americans had slaves just like most countries(that's why the civil war started s...

  • Mr. Big Chest  12 days ago

    @Kevin Boros actually you guys never suffered from slavery and the Americans lost loved ones trying to help Eastern Europeans fight both their crappy wars