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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 15, 2016
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  • Jenna Sexton  2 years ago

    currently disregarding my essay for this video 😂❤ its the dedication i have for you

  • Diana Gutierrez  2 years ago

    Same haha Jaclyn videos are life.

  • Sarah O'Brien  2 years ago

    Same :P

  • karen blackwood  2 years ago


  • Liv Michelle  1 years ago

    karen blackwood 9 months late but the butt hole comment is THE BEST comment on the Internet. People hate this woman literally just bc she's made something of herself and can afford to buy luxury items. They were mad last week she posted a pic with a chanel bag bc a hurricane had hit the US ... I'm like ?????????

  • Meike Lenhof  2 years ago

    Haha girl you rock!! So true😏

  • Maria Derdzinski  2 years ago

    I love room backgrounds so much more than the sparkly backdrop.

  • Jaclyn I feel like you put a lot of statements in to justify yourself. I'm sorry you get so many negative comments that you feel the need to answer to haters. Keep being yourself. don't worry about them!

  • Jerrica Leigh  2 years ago

    watched this as i devoured a whole thing of peppermint ice cream

  • Mads Roussin  1 years ago

    Jerrica Leigh I watched this as I devoured a chocolate frosting container

  • Janna  2 years ago

    Jerrica Leigh 😭😭😭 I can't eat ice cream because I'm highly lactose intolerant and soy ice cream isn't as good as the real thing 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Haley Nystrom  2 years ago

    I can't get over how gorge you look in this video! If I don't see a tutorial on this... I might die! I need that gold shadow in my life! 👌😍💞

  • Emma Price  2 years ago

    @Rylee Dawn Me either, she's a beautiful person haha :).

  • Rylee Dawn  2 years ago

    Emma Price UGH I just can't get enough of her

  • Big Beautiful Me  2 years ago

    That eyeshadow is on fleek!

  • Cameron Byington  2 months ago


  • KatherineXO  1 years ago

    Foodie Beauty what is on her lips ?!? 💋

  • Miss B.  2 years ago

    The butt hurt is real in these comments. If you can't afford something and you want it, save for it. Why does anyone care how much money she's dropping on herself? It's her money, she earned it. Let her be, she deserves it.

  • Selena Sun  2 years ago

    Miss B a

  • Jennifer Donnelly  2 years ago

    Miss B agreed 150%

  • REBEL LOGIC  2 years ago

    people are fkn haters man... do u girl ;)

  • Angie C  2 years ago

    How does that lipstick not stick to your teeth?😯

  • Rebecca Fore  2 years ago

    Angie Cisneros I was literally just thinking the same thing!!