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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 18, 2018
  • I'm hitting the road again and want your ideas!

    If you live in Hong Kong or are an expert on the city, start here: :

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    Vox Borders is an international documentary series that focuses on the human stories of some of the world's most interesting places. It started last year with six locations, and six docs. Check them out here:

    For season two, I'll be traveling to new places to tell similar stories. Hong Kong is my first stop where I'll be producing multiple shorter video docs on the local stories that need explaining.

    Vox Borders stories are always so much stronger when the community helps in the storytelling. To that end, I'm looking for locals from Hong Kong (or Macau) who want to help with the project. If you have local knowledge of Hong Kong, head to to tell me more about yourself and how you'd like to contribute to the project. If you've been to Hong Kong and just want to contribute an idea, you can do that too.

    I'll be on the ground in Hong Kong in late May 2018. See you there! is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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  • Vox
    Vox  5 months ago +700

    I’ll be in Hong Kong at the end of May, and getting deep into planning for the trip over the next month. If you have any thoughts on places I should visit, or story tips for Hong Kong/Macau send them to me here:
    – Johnny

    • shashi balami
      shashi balami  2 months ago

      dude you should make one video of Nepal

    • Jamie Yates
      Jamie Yates  2 months ago

      Killed this sick series by not uploading them to YouTube

    • carsentube
      carsentube  3 months ago

      Vox listen I have a really good place you should visit.maybe try the Russia -- Ukraine.but I'm not the best trip planner so it's up to you.i love your channel and I am personally a geographical whiz.there is a lot of tension between the two.also try America-Mexico for obvious reasons.well,Bon voyage!

    • daniel oneill
      daniel oneill  3 months ago

      D. Mai yes so adamant on them doing it . The N.I border situation is so relevant

    • daniel oneill
      daniel oneill  3 months ago

      HamishRover yes totally agree

  • - Nitragen -
    - Nitragen -  28 days ago

    Go to Singapore

  • Daniel Athias
    Daniel Athias  1 months ago

    Think about the triple border of Brazil ,Argentina and Paraguay.
    It’s very interesting how the cities rely on each other and take advantage of the boarders. The city of Ciudad Del Este in Paraguay became a Huge trading center because of that.
    Also there is a very peculiar and strong Islamic community in the region.
    Of course that you got also Itaipu Dam (2nd largest in the world), Iguaçu Falls and all the illegal trading going on.

  • Bolorchimeg Munkhbold

    Mongolia!!! between Russia and China.

  • Ravi Tank
    Ravi Tank  1 months ago

    What about india & pakistan border ??

  • aliff997
    aliff997  1 months ago

    Love your videos, time to learn about geography and history, or even social & politics issues between two neighbouring countries. If you can explore about the borders between the South East Asia (ASEAN) Countries especially between Malaysia and Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea or East Timor which I believe having a lot of uncovered stories. -Arf

  • Aibarx
    Aibarx  1 months ago

    You should go to the Basque Country because of its unique language and identity. Also Miami could be a good spot because of the huge Cuban influence where everyone can speak Spanish and Cuban food outnumbers American food.

  • mat1
    mat1  1 months ago

    Malaysia Singapore??

  • Akash Keshwar
    Akash Keshwar  2 months ago

    Hey Johnny ,
    When you talk about borders , what about india/pakistan border , one of the most conflicted and dangerous ones ? India is waiting !

  • Originaldisplayname
    Originaldisplayname  2 months ago

    Who does your video editing... my god the production quality is out of this world !

  • Victor Vera
    Victor Vera  2 months ago +1

    You should definitely consider documenting the border between Colombia and Venezuela. Colombia and Venezuela are like twin countries that have always had this love/hate brother relationship which has made the trade between the two countries very dynamic. Historically speaking though, it had always been Colombians crossing to Venezuela to look for a better life and to scape from the Colombia conflict with the guerrillas. However, after Chavez's policies that destroyed Venezuelan internal production and the oil price drops, it is now Venezuelans who desperately try to cross the Colombian border to move to Colombia (or to cross Colombia to travel to Ecuador, Peru, Chile or Argentina) to scape the Venezuelan crisis and start a new life in a different country. I am sure this border could give you enough material to make three or four videos.

  • Nick Routley
    Nick Routley  2 months ago

    Great! I love this series.

  • саул митчелл

    Northern Ireland historical boarder

  • Meg Igarashi
    Meg Igarashi  2 months ago

    Yo this is cool! If you’re every in Japan I would love to help!!

  • Abibatu Bangura
    Abibatu Bangura  3 months ago

    I love your show, are you tiring?

  • Aditya Sanghavi
    Aditya Sanghavi  3 months ago

    The LoC between India and Pakistan is one the most interesting places to visit in this context.

  • Entity File
    Entity File  3 months ago


  • Matthew Ma
    Matthew Ma  3 months ago

    I'm from Hong Kong and I can't wait to watch Box Borders Hong Kong

  • Numb3r4
    Numb3r4  3 months ago

    What is that song used?

  • Gustavo Hernandez
    Gustavo Hernandez  3 months ago

    you need to come to the border between Venezuela and Colombia or Venezuela and Brazil for you to experience the massive migration thanks to the Venezuelan crisis. Please come to see this.