I Let My Subscribers Pick My First Tattoo

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 21, 2018
  • I've never gotten a tattoo, so I decided to take the plunge...and as a celebration for 5 million subscribers, I wanted to let you guys help me choose my very first tattoo! So I had you submit suggestions, and then I picked 4 options and had you all vote on YouTube, and then went to a parlor and got ~tatted~!

    A big thank you once again to Kimmy, you can find her here!!

    And thanks again to Skin Deep LA for allowing us to film!

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  a years ago +18610

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i know it's been a hot second, but it's finally here!! MY FIRST TATTOO THAT Y'ALL HELPED PICK! sorry i missed last week, but we are back up and running over here! love you guys <3

  • snurfbee58
    snurfbee58  2 hours ago

    Looks great! Good choice. Love your channel Saf!

  • Theresa Hanssen
    Theresa Hanssen  4 hours ago

    I missed the whole voting , but I love the one you went with, perfect! The only tattoo I have is my cat Hobbes, backside with tail, ears and tabby stripes. 😍

  • Kimia Mohandessi
    Kimia Mohandessi  6 hours ago


  • Konan Distroyer
    Konan Distroyer  14 hours ago

    I gave myself a tattoo with a needle and pen ink.....

  • Taco Taco Tumba!
    Taco Taco Tumba!  15 hours ago

    Lol when I searched Kimmy, the results are like all about MLBB

  • Cheyenne Lynn
    Cheyenne Lynn  23 hours ago

    Please do a video of how this looks a year later and I love it so much do you mind if we get matchies.

  • Alice Weirich
    Alice Weirich  yesterday

    Get a 🦄Tattoo

  • Satakshi Singh
    Satakshi Singh  yesterday

    Didnt she say once that her mom would kill/disown her if safiya ever got a tattoo in one of her videos or the ones wd buzzfeed

  • 123pieface123
    123pieface123  yesterday

    This makes me wanna get another tattoo lol! Three so far and looking for more! I love what you ended up with for yours.

  • The cute
    The cute  yesterday

    Avacodo sre the best

  • Kristin Hinds
    Kristin Hinds  2 days ago

    he's one of a Birkenstock whatever get one get one get one

  • Kameron Creamer
    Kameron Creamer  2 days ago

    Hey Rosie V...

    You did good

  • Sophia Kittredge
    Sophia Kittredge  2 days ago

    great vid and good job.

  • Megoon
    Megoon  2 days ago +5

    ‘Can easily be added to’
    Saf and ty have child: adds a third bat to the circle

  • Monica Ss
    Monica Ss  2 days ago

    I now want a tattoo!

  • Itzkelsey_ Gacha
    Itzkelsey_ Gacha  4 days ago

    Btw,was ur mum ok with this?

  • Susan Mueller
    Susan Mueller  4 days ago

    I actually just saw this video - love the tattoo and it gave me an idea for one for me (a bucket list thing...) if I ever get the courage to do it... I love your tattoo. Very very cool.

  • Błūé Śūńfłòwérz

    When you hit 10 mil subs you should get a piercing chosen by your subscribers :3

  • Emily Perez
    Emily Perez  4 days ago

    My sis is 23 and has like 6 or 8 tattoos lol