GOTTA SEE IT: Every Big Hit, Fight and Scrum From Bruising Battle of Alberta

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 17, 2018
  • Catch up on all the action with every major fight, scrum, and bone-crushing hit from the first Battle of Alberta of the season.

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  • BuzzFeedRight
    BuzzFeedRight  3 days ago

    This is the very definition of what differentiates hockey from every other sport. It's why the NHL is one of the biggest leagues in the world.

  • TurBo _MagikZ
    TurBo _MagikZ  4 days ago

    Bennet looks like lazarbeam

  • Photo Finish
    Photo Finish  4 days ago

    What’s hockey? FIGHT

  • Jeremie Koski
    Jeremie Koski  4 days ago

    Tkachuk being a turtle again... lol little chickenshit

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby  4 days ago

    skate blade near ball-sack alert.

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby  4 days ago

    Someone should pound McJesus 😂

  • Fuckless Fuck
    Fuckless Fuck  4 days ago

    Let's go Oilers

  • Anthony Oliver
    Anthony Oliver  5 days ago


  • Kazanova Capone
    Kazanova Capone  5 days ago

    Love how lucic just one punches ppl ass to the deck

  • Evgeny Kondratenko
    Evgeny Kondratenko  5 days ago +1

    This match should be announced similar way to UFC fight

  • Brad Guttieri
    Brad Guttieri  6 days ago

    I'm a ranger fan and I'd watch these two teams plays every week.

  • Brian Fantana
    Brian Fantana  7 days ago +1

    Id be the most suspended player. Haha Hockey is so bad ass.

  • Jean-Guy Rubberboot

    Tkachuk is just like marchand, hope someone takes his head off

  • Ron J
    Ron J  7 days ago


  • Michel Nguyen
    Michel Nguyen  7 days ago

    New generation chicken fights. Go back to th 80s to learn the respect fightings. No gloves, no helmet, mano y mano, chicks.

  • That Guy
    That Guy  14 days ago

    Mathews Turtle Tkachuk

  • Logan Rufus
    Logan Rufus  14 days ago +1

    I want to see a playoff series with these 2 so badly

  • SouthSide Chicago
    SouthSide Chicago  14 days ago

    Tkachuk is a punk. He's ok with giving cheap shots and jumping McDavid but 1v1 he falls down and balls up, scared. His first name should be Jamal.

  • RK TR
    RK TR  14 days ago

    Tkachuck will be the next samuelson xD

  • TheDCGuitar13
    TheDCGuitar13  14 days ago

    Even the pens and caps or pens and flyers don’t hate each other that bad. Those beefs are professional. This is personal.