Boys night pranks

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 16, 2018
  • Anthony continues his boy's night in to have a sleepover with his best friends. ▸ BLOOPERS:

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  • unicorn is life
    unicorn is life  4 months ago

    The ending lmao

  • Lara Fakhry
    Lara Fakhry  4 months ago

    what the hell a twister cape?!

  • تعّلم كل شيء

    They are funny 😂 gosh i like this dude. Clever..

  • stainthegemini
    stainthegemini  5 months ago

    “you wanna get in all that brown sugar” sent me 😭😭😭

  • no shitnick
    no shitnick  8 months ago

    Whats weird with drinking milk out of a bag

  • Mantas Isganaitis
    Mantas Isganaitis  10 months ago +1

    Omg, these sketches are killers. Almost died at the beer pong table and then milk... Milk Pong. So happy finding this channel.

  • Ross Donlan
    Ross Donlan  10 months ago

    ...they are not enjoying this

  • Do_not_care 00
    Do_not_care 00  11 months ago

    Its fun seeing anthony destroying random peoples life

  • Alyssa Bartoline
    Alyssa Bartoline  a years ago

    "that's a really short table" had me oh god

  • Cali.TV
    Cali.TV  a years ago

    this is hilarious x)

  • Light Helios
    Light Helios  a years ago


  • Shanelle Sparklingeyes

    Who’s the third person of the production crew?

  • Althaea Schauer
    Althaea Schauer  a years ago +1

    Why is Anthony me at parties

  • [Oriana] Dreamer Blackhood

    So this is how nerdy weekends work?

  • Joseph Sanderson
    Joseph Sanderson  a years ago

    I have that same Bears blanket!

  • ColinOrJames
    ColinOrJames  a years ago

    That game Never Have I Ever hahahaha!

  • Naya
    Naya  a years ago

    Please do routine channel with that prankster guy from breaks anthony!! He is so funny!! And i think you will be a perfect collaborator with him... im sorry idk his name, need his name. Cheers

  • Horsy Drives
    Horsy Drives  a years ago

    Hey Anthony, a long time fan here. Excuse me for my english lol cuz it's not my first language. Videos of you and Ian were like the best moments of my life since Smosh was created. The parody videos, epic food fights, and the awesome humour you guys put up is what made me happy. I hope you both will continue to make incredible work !

  • JC
    JC  a years ago

    Wtf!? Hahhaaha x'D

  • Grey Crimson
    Grey Crimson  a years ago

    The best part is that it seems real